Can Wearable Tech Help Build Your Workspace Community?

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According to the International Data Corporation (IDC ) Worldwide Quarterly Wearable Device Tracker, the worldwide wearable device market will reach a total of 111.1 million units shipped in 2016.

Wearable tech has become a hot topic for various reasons –  security threats, lower health insurance premiums, even helping to prevent Zika – and fact is they’re likely to sooner rather than later become a part of many individuals’ day to day life.  

So, how can you as a workspace operator take advantage of this wearable boom?

One of the aspects flexible workspaces value the most is their own workspace community. Community influences how a workspace looks, feels, and how people interact with one another in it. And while many argue that technology can distance you from those around you, it remains true that technology can also be a great enabler.

Chances are that those working in your flexible workspace are constantly connected to their phones, computers, or wearables; constantly immersed in the digital world. Wearable technology can be a tool for community managers when trying to build and nurture their communities.

Part of today’s work revolution is due to professionals wanting to reach work-life balance. Work-life balance isn’t just about how much time you spend at home vs. how much time you spend at the office. Work-life balance is also about wellness and well-being in your day to day life (including work hours). With this in mind, you can create a program that encourages wellness and well-being through the use of wearable tech, helping you build and nurture your community.

A great example is Vynamic’s Fitbit Movement Challenge, which consists of employees challenging one another to walk more; the top steppers get rewarded with a monthly $100 and annual fitness gear makeover.

Programs like these encourage members to interact and share with one another, as well as helping them set and reach work-life balance goals. It’s healthy competition that can lead to a better, healthier workspace environment, it’ll increase member interaction, therefore leading to a stronger community.

You can approach programs with  wearables in various ways. You can have hourly, daily, weekly, and monthly challenges. What’s important is to create a rewards model that will attract your members to participate. Rewards can be gift cards, extra meeting space hours, extra guest passes, etc.

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And in case you’re still thinking about it, here’s an infographic on 9 facts and statistics of wearable technology.


9 Facts and Statistics on Wearable Technology- An Infographic

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