In the Loop: Flexible Work and Sickness, Wellbeing, and Employee Engagement

Is flexible working making us more sick?

According to this Workplace Insight article, flexible working hours might make us more susceptible to infections and sickness. The article explains that “the time of day of infection can have a major influence on how susceptible we are to the disease, or at least on the viral replication, meaning that infection at the wrong time of day could cause a much more severe acute infection.”

Exploring the importance of workplace wellbeing

This LinkedIn post explores how workspaces have changed over the years to improve the users overall wellbeing–from ergonomics, to natural light, to mobility, to flexible work hours, an interesting take on what has been done to incentivize worker wellness and wellbeing.

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When High Employee Engagement Goes Dark

An insightful article by HBR on the dark side of having highly engaged employees. One of the downsides is burnout, a topic that has been related significantly to flexible workspace community managers.

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