INTERVIEW: Workplace Design Dos and Don’ts With Peldon Rose

5. What are some design practices that you believe are no longer relevant or should be eliminated from the workplace?

One design practice that I believe has been overused is ‘hot desking.’ My experience has taught me that this term actually tends to scare some clients. This is because while this practice may work for one client, it does not mean it will work for others.

At Peldon Rose, we see our responsibility as designers and workplace consultants to respond to each client as an individual. That’s why we take the time to get to know the business, their people, and how we can create a space that is as unique as they are and don’t just rely on what’s trendy.

6. What are some of the best materials to use when designing a shared workspace? Which ones should be avoided?

Variety is key when it comes to the materials to use when designing a shared workspace. Materials should be interesting, rich and engaging. For example, I currently love the new nanotech laminates which have an extremely matte surface which  are soft to the touch and have low light reflectivity. There are also some great carpets which incorporate recycled metals, making them hard-wearing and durable.

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At Peldon Rose, we also believe that choosing sustainable materials is vital for organisations. With all of our clients, we take the time to consider how that workplace will impact the environment and recommend an element of environmental assessment. We do this by re-using existing furniture, reducing energy usage and creating (and meeting) sustainability goals, which all companies should think about when designing their office.

7. Anything else you’d like to add?

The final point for workspace operators to consider is that workplace design is evolving fast and is changing dramatically, but what matters is that your office design is right for your members and their current needs.

Stay tuned in to what your members require from their workplace and ensure you are meeting it. Our survey showed that greater engagement will have a positive impact on staff productivity (70%) and mental wellbeing (56%), so stay on top of what makes your members tick and help them to enjoy their work environment to get the most out of them.

Feature image: Peldon Rose Ragged Edge project. 

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