Digital Marketing Agency Launches App To Streamline Website Management

Demo of the Bug Squasher app by Treehouse 51
  • A digital marketing agency that specializes in flexible workspace has launched a new app to report, track and fix website errors
  • The tool, created by Treehouse 51, replaces back-and-forth emails with a quick and easy reporting process
  • The tool is designed for non-technical users and helps business owners save time, money and resources

Treehouse 51, a California-based agency that specializes in digital marketing for the flexible workspace industry, has launched ‘The Bug Squasher’ app to streamline the arduous process of reporting errors, fixing bugs and making website improvements. 

The Bug Squasher app by Treehouse 51

The tool is designed to simplify communication between web developers, their clients and anyone involved with website projects. In place of long email trails, in which important requests are often lost or misinterpreted, the app provides a simple yet effective solution to report errors and squash bugs, fast.

“At some point, every developer has gotten an angry email from their client asking them for site changes. Normally, there is a lot of back and forth messages asking for screenshots, what device they’re using, what web browser and more,” explained Kirk Deis, CEO of digital marketing agency Treehouse 51.

“It’s painful for everyone. So we came up with a way to streamline communication. Just a snip of the issue and your team gets it. No more back and forth messages!”

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 Whatever the issue — from a typo in the website copy to a broken contact form — users of The Bug Squasher can assign, track and report bugs. Along with details of the bug, the tool automatically includes vital information such as the user’s device, web browser, URL and more. The app also automatically records web console errors, which enables developers to proactively detect and fix website errors faster.

The app is added to websites with one simple line of code. That makes it easy enough for anyone, even non-technical users, to get it up and running immediately.

“We’re pushing to make The Bug Squasher the new standard for working on websites,” added Kirk. “It saves time, money and resources, and it makes running your business easier.”

The Bug Squasher provides three plans starting from $29.99 per month. It works across all types of websites and has unlimited team seats, which makes it ideal for large or dispersed teams working with multiple clients.

Find out more on the video below and visit to get started.

The Bug Squasher – Visual Feedback And Testing Tool – 30 Second Promo

Streamline client and team communication with a simple to use website annotation tool with unlimited team members, reporting, bug tracking and even automatic web console bug tracking.

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