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Biophilic Design May Be The Key In Supporting Employee Wellbeing

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Today’s workforce have higher expectations when it comes to a proper work-life balance. Now more than ever, mental health has become less taboo and more valued to the younger generation.

According to research from the Journal of Abnormal Psychology, depression in young people from 12 to 25 has increased. Knowing this, it is important for organizations to take steps that supports the workforce that may not have access to tools needed to support a healthy wellbeing. 

The best and most popular way a business can reduce stress is to offer a workplace that promotes mental health practices by taking the ‘biophilic’ approach. This refers to the innate need to be surrounded by nature that humans possess.

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Biophilic designs create a healthier environment by bringing the outdoors into the workplace through providing plenty of natural sunlight, as well as incorporating natural materials such as wood and water.

Research has found that biophilic designs have numerous benefits, such as lower blood pressure and heart rates, as well as improved air quality. With this, employees are likely to be more productive and creative.

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