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Pods Could Be The Key In Reducing Workplace Stress

Workplace utilization platform Density has found an increasing need for soundproof meeting spaces. An analysis of meeting room usage over 10,000 hours found that incorrectly sized offices can cost businesses millions of dollars every year. For example, conference rooms that are usually used by just one person can cost up to $10,000 to build and maintain.

Acoustic pods provide a more reasonable way for a few people to meet, rather than using an entire conference room built for larger groups. Offering a variety of work and meeting spaces like this can also help boost productivity and cater to the various work styles of employees.

Pods are not only cost effective, but they can be customized to suit each person’s needs. Companies can turn these spaces into a small meeting room with a conference table or even a meditation space.

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    These areas also help solve issues that come with open office plans such as noisiness, lack of privacy and other distractions.

    Framery, a manufacturer of pods, phone booths and soundproof spaces, partnered with FirstBeat Findings to conduct a study that measured the stress levels before and after workers used a pod. The study found that the pods alleviated employee stress and burnout, while improving worker’s sleep and motivation to exercise.

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