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Preparing For A Potential Second Wave

While some organizations have started reopening to employees and the public, many health experts are warning of a second wave of coronavirus in the fall or winter of 2020.

Now is not the time for businesses to fully relax their policies as the future remains uncertain. Although companies may be anxious to return to normalcy, they must use this time to prepare for the inevitable long-term changes that they need to undergo to keep their employees safe and healthy. With promises of a vaccine still a long way away, organizations need to go ahead and have a plan ready to go in the case of more waves over the next few years.

One of the biggest realities companies need to come to terms with is how valuable remote working is and that employees may prefer this arrangement. While returning to the office may be ideal for some, businesses will have to uproot their workspace design to support physical distancing guidelines, keep shared areas sanitized and much more. 

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Some companies have adopted alternating work schedules to keep density low, as well as requiring employees to wear PPE in the workspace.

However an organization decides to approach the future of work, what matters is that they are prepared for the worst. Making sure employees are safe, while being able to continue operating will be essential in the long run.

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