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Prioritizing Mental Health When Returning To Work

Business leaders have started planning how to carefully bring employees back into the workplace in a way that does not jeopardize the health and safety of workers. While physical health is vital in the midst of a global pandemic, mental health in the workplace should also be considered and addressed.

A survey found that 41.6% of workers have had a decline in their mental health since the pandemic has begun, and it should be the responsibility of employers to support workers during this stressful time.

Employees who are returning to the workplace may face challenges relating to grief, isolation, addition or job insecurity magnified by the lockdown. To address these potential problems, companies should look into policies that help workers manage their stress or mental health problems. 

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This can be as simple as communicating with the workforce in a way that emphasizes wellness or offer resources that can help those who are struggling. Having this clear message that shows employees their mental health is a priority in the workplace, which helps build a culture of empathy and helps workers feel more secure.

Workers who are suffering from mental health issues often feel as if no one cares for them, and leaders who voice concern for their workers’ well-being can help alleviate those worries. This can be accomplished by actively listening and providing reassurance about returning to the workplace.

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