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Technology’s Essential Part In The Workplace

Cloud based SaaS platform firm spaceOS has created an app and other resources that make tenants have a better connection with their workspaces, particularly during a time when many are working from home.

“The craziest thing is: corporate real estate is really data focused, you have tremendous information on occupancy, electricity and water usage,” said Markowski.

Still, Markowski adds that this does not equate to learning how to retain tenants based on what they want, and how the space is actually being used.

Technology will play a major, essential role in the workplace moving forward. Whether it be touchless sensors to open doors, or infrared temperature checks, the post-pandemic office will be getting a digital facelift.

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RXR Realty has also created their own app that provides users insight about  the air quality, the number of occupants and if physical distancing is being observed in the office. If the rating is low that day, workers can make the choice to work from home or a satellite office instead.

Additionally, FLIR Systems, a company that makes crowd thermal cameras, has seen a 700% increase in demand. 

When ordering food for lunch, Workspace asset director John Robson said that transactions will be cashless and grab and go.

Furthermore, Gensler has created a tool called ReRun that uses floor plans, creates safe bubbles around workers and strategically finds different ways to place workers so they remain distanced.

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