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Hybrid Working Is The Future Of The Workforce

According to JLL’s recent Reimagining the Future of Work report, hybrid work arrangements will be one of the defining features of the workplace after the pandemic.

The survey of over 2,00 office workers across 10 countries found that the amount of remote working days is expected to double post-pandemic, from 1.2 days each week to 2.4 days.

This forecast is based on the 72% of respondents who expressed their desire to continue working from home, as well as the 26% who want a permanent shift to remote working positions. 

However, companies will need to be flexible in order to accommodate the needs of all workers. In fact, the report revealed that 57% of workers want a wider selection of workspace options while in the office itself.

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“Work-from-home won’t be the panacea for satisfying all work styles—24 percent of employees want to work exclusively in the office and 75 percent want some level of access to the office,” said Flore Pradère, research director with JLL. “This desire for a hybrid workplace exemplifies the shifting work styles that have emerged due to the pandemic, and employers must adjust their standards to meet these new preferences.”

Knowing this, organizations must have better insight into what employees need when they do come into the physical workplace and what purpose the office will serve from now on. 

For instance, nearly half of respondents said that having access to both green space or outdoor areas are essential to collaborating with colleagues.

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