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The Risk Of Burnout Could Hurt Companies

A survey from Blind has found that 68% of workers are experiencing more feelings of being burnt out now than before the pandemic.

Even more, 29% stated that their relationship with their boss was worse than when they started working remotely.

Although remote working has been found to carry several benefits, it has some major downsides as well. Once a worker goes down this path of blurred lines between work and personal life, they may start to experience burnout.

A study from Mercer found that poor mental health is now as much of a risk as smoking. Knowing this, companies must address this health crisis accordingly.

One way to nurture employees during this difficult time is to give them the opportunity to connect with their colleagues. Although coming into the traditional office may still be out of the question, offering them a place to work in a flexible office may be a safe solution.

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The flexible office offers more than just a place to work; they often host workshops, happy hours and most importantly, a community.

Employers can also address this issue by listening to what their employees need and try to accommodate them as best as possible. For instance, some workers may not have access to decent internet connection or a dedicated workspace at home, which can make completing tasks stressful.

Providing them an office or a stipend to spruce up their home environment not only helps employees perform better, but it shows that they are being heard and cared for by their company.

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