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London Coworking Space Uses Design To Engage Workers

As companies prepare to bring their employees back into the office, the way these spaces are designed must be rethought.

Now, companies realize the benefit of prioritizing their employees’ health in the workplace, and the way they are outfitted will reflect that.

This is particularly important as companies shift to hybrid work policies that combine both the office and remote working arrangements.

Utilizing this model of working has led to a spike in demand for alternative workspaces that are fully amenitized and designed with various work styles in mind.

For instance, The Office Group (TOG) has helped restore old buildings in order to create more modern workspaces for clients like Facebook and Dropbox.

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    TOG has partnered with Stockholm-based firm Note Design Studio to transform the 47,000 square foot Douglas House in London into a multifaceted environment.

    The space now features natural materials like wood, natural lighting, pops of colors, plush textiles and more to keep occupants engaged and focused. 

    The space also features courtyard-style meeting rooms, communal spaces and a curved glass brick wall to compliment the building’s gridded exterior.

    “This was a way for us to be disruptive and to challenge the standards of an average refurbishment,” said Johannes Carlström, cofounder of Note Design Studio. “[We wanted] to create a space within a space, a world of its own within the old building.”

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