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Remote Working Is Having A Physical and Mental Impact

Research has found that inadequate remote working arrangements and home offices are having a negative impact on both the physical and mental health of employees.

Decreasing The Risk Of Workplace Burnout

Remote working has its perks, but it has also led to record level burnout among workers, so having policies in place to address this issue will be crucial to businesses.

How to Nurture Mental Health In The Workplace

Poor mental health among employees has skyrocketed over the past year, and it is time for business leaders to implement policies that support workers who are struggling.

Poor Mental Health Is Detrimental To The Workplace

Depression and other mental health issues have grown since the beginning of the pandemic, and employers need to take measures to support employees who are struggling.

The Importance Of Wellness In The Workplace

Flexible work arrangements could help boost the mental health of employees who are struggling throughout the pandemic according to a panel of mental health experts.

The Risk Of Burnout Could Hurt Companies

Research has found that employees are at risk of burning out more than ever before, so companies need to do their part in ensuring that their workers are supported.

Workers Prioritize Work-life Balance Over Pay

New findings from software company Citrix found that a majority of 1,000 UK office workers would take a pay cut if it meant they could continue working remotely.

Ensuring The Mental Health Of Remote Employees

The last several months have thrusted the importance of health into the spotlight, and with that business leaders must continue to nurture the employee experience.

Human Connection Is A Necessity For The Workplace

One of the biggest takeaways from 2020 has been the importance of human connection, particularly as millions of people work from home and have little social interaction.

Wellness Trends That Will Define 2021

Wellness in the workplace has become a priority for many companies, and next year will be a time to strategize and implement these programs in the most effective way.

Wellness Programs Are Crucial To The Workplace

Wellness programs have become common at companies over the last few years, but now more than ever, the mental health of employees is essential to a healthy organization.

Why Wellness In The Workplace Is Crucial

Flexible workspace firm Fora is known for its emphasis on wellness and health in the workplace and has accomplished this by providing the optimal workspace for employees.



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