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Big Changes Need To Be Made To Encourage Office Distancing

A new report from VergeSense, a workplace design consultant, has revealed that companies will need to do more than closing shared areas to encourage distancing.

Nudges Could Make Workplace Choices Healthier

The nudge theory aims to make healthy choices in the workplace easier by making better choices the default option and using timed reminders to encourage healthy habits.

Workplace Wellness Initiatives May Be Useless

A two-year study from the University of Illinois revealed that the school’s workplace wellness program had little to no impact on the health or productivity of employees.

Transitioning Back To The Office Without Risking Health And Safety

Company leaders need to have a carefully executed plan for returning to the workplace and keep in mind the fears, safety and physical and mental health of employees.

Common Desk Uses Virtual Service To Support Members

Texas-based coworking operator Common Desk launched a pay-what-you-can work from home membership that provides users access to resources needed when working remotely.

Preparing For A Potential Second Wave

Companies have started opening their doors and relaxing restrictions, but with the possibility of a second wave of coronavirus, they need to be more prepared than ever.

Is Your Workplace Truly Safe?

Companies must take the necessary steps to keep staff safe when preparing to open their doors, such as installing air filtration systems, temperature screenings and more.

New Jersey Coworking Firm Makes Health A Priority

WorkSocial, a New Jersey-based coworking firm, has revealed that it will keep its members healthy and safe by implementing strict cleanliness and sanitation protocols.

Implementing Wellness Into Your Remote Workforce

Business leaders need to prioritize wellness practices, particularly if their workforce is distributed, by encouraging an active lifestyle, routines, self-care and more.

Workplace Wellness Will Be A Must Have Moving Forward

Wellness started emerging as a sought-after amenity prior to the pandemic, but companies must prioritize it moving forward as it becomes essential to keep workers safe.

Keeping Remote Employees Engaged And Productive

Leaders need to take the proper measures to ensure their remote employees continue to be efficient, productive, satisfied, motivated and communicate effectively.

Supporting Workers Coming Back To The Office

Companies preparing to welcome workers back into the workplace need to make sure they have the resources ready to support their employees physically and mentally.



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