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Survey Reveals Workers Find Flexible Working Beneficial To Mental Health

A survey from Wildgoose has revealed that the majority of respondents see flexible work options as beneficial to their work-life balance as well as mental health.

Research Reveals Link Between Flexibility And Increased Productivity

Research from Harvard Business School has revealed that companies offering flexible work arrangements experienced a spike in productivity and a reduction in turnover.

Durham Coworking Space Offers Solace For Working Parents

Durham’s Nido: Coworking & Childcare is a coworking space that offers working parents a place to be productive, while ensuring their children are taken care of close by.

Where Sustainability Meets Small Businesses In Melbourne

Coworking space provider The Commons is expanding into Melbourne’s QV building that will fit 350 spaces and bring its sustainable, collaborative atmosphere along.

Combating Loneliness In The Workplace Through Coworking Communities

London-based coworking firm Kindred combines a sense of community and culture that many workers seek today, with the workability that coworking spaces are known for.

Research Reveals Desire For Shorter Work Weeks

Research from Henley Business School and ADP has found that many workers today prefer shorter, 4-day work weeks as it boosts employee productivity and mental well-being.

Lighting In The Workplace Can Boost Energy Levels and Productivity

There are plenty of options to implement healthier practices in workspaces, and is as simple as getting rid of fluorescent lighting and incorporating natural light.

Energy Automation Company 75F Wants Office Goers To Leave Their Jackets At Home

Office temperatures wars are a reality. Most workers, if not all, have complained about workplace temperature at some point or another.

How hygge Brought Corporate Wellness Initiatives to Coworking

Charlotte-based coworking space operator, hygge, offers podcast studios, cafes, and event programming to members.

Coworking Space Operators are Turning to Wellness to Stand Out

Coworking spaces are changing the way we work, especially in London, one of the highest growth markets for flexible office space in the world.

Flexibility Helps People Work In Sync With Their Body Clocks

Flexible working can, and should, create an environment in which everyone can work at their optimal time. But the reality is far from perfect.

Flexible Working Policies Improve Mental Health and Work-Life Balance

Nearly 40% of people employed at flexible workplaces claim it has significantly improved in their mental health, Wildgoose survey finds.



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