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The Yard is leaving booze for the bars

Morris Levy, cofounder of The Yard, said the company chooses to leave booze out of the office to be inclusive, boost productivity and maintain a professional environment.

How to prioritize employees health and wellness

Prioritizing health in the workplace is vital to boosting company morale. Walking, hydration, and wellness initiatives can all aid in increasing employee productivity.

The best coworking space perks in Kuala Lumpur

Kuala Lumpur’s coworking space market has grown significantly, and with this, spaces are finding new ways to promote healthier lifestyles among their employees.

Perkins+Will create a “Forest in the City” in Atlanta

Perkins+Will are designing Interface’s new Atlanta biophilic headquarters. The energy efficient office comes complete with greenery, a chilled beam system, and more.

Steps to being a digital nomad

Digital nomads have become a big portion of the workplace market. More and more, workers are finding ways to travel while being able to properly perform their job duties.

Digital nomadic lifestyle is achievable

Technology makes remote working accessible to anyone. Video conferencing, instant messaging, and fast internet allow digital nomads to work from thousands of miles away.

Napping pods can help exhausted workers, travelers, and students

Hohm, a company who develops steel napping pods, is working on bringing their product to airports, university campuses, convention centers, and corporate campuses.

Varidesk opens free coworking space within Dallas-Fort Worth International Airport

Varisdesk, who specialize in adjustable standing desks, installed a free coworking space in Dallas-Fort Worth International Airport at Terminal C for business travelers.

Creating a healthy work environment boosts company morale

Poor mental health can cause distractions in the workplace. To combat low productivity, offices can offer more privacy and natural lighting to encourage motivation.

Breaking down physical divides can help create workspaces that motivate employees

Workspaces have many tactics to get the most out of their employees, but by engaging and communicating with all workers may be the key to a company’s success.

Sustainability in the workplace is at the forefront of office design

Today’s workforce require a healthy work environment to reach full productivity every day. Building directors

The Detroit Parent Collective combines the benefits coworking with the comfort of childcare services

Krista McClure opened The Detroit Parent Collective in October 2017 that caters to working families, offering typical coworking amenities as well as child care services.



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