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Yoga In The Workplace Could Increase Employee Satisfaction

Implementing yoga in the workplace could be tied to improved health and an increase in employee productivity and satisfaction as it helps shape a workplace’s culture.

Using Flexible Workspace Environments To Combat Loneliness

Technology is often used for work and communicating, but can cause workplace loneliness and negatively impact health. Fortunately, flexible offices can help combat this.

Natural Beauty Supplies Store Merges Wellness And Coworking

Take Care, an independent beauty store in Washington D.C., has added a coworking space called Workwell within its space that focuses on creating a peaceful workplace.

Taking A Step Back From Technology To Improve Mental And Physical Health

Digital nomad culture is a staple in the workforce thanks to its convenience, but being in front of screens all day can cause a sense of isolation and hurt our health.

More Coworking Spaces Are Adopting On-site Child Care Services

The coworking space sector continues to evolve and now, some operators have started offering on-site child care services for working parents who need a space to focus.

How to Use Technology for a Better Work-life Balance

We often associate technology with being more productive in the workplace, but it also helps with work-related stress through collaboration, remote, and mindfulness tools.

Working moms find a home in suburban coworking spaces

Coworking has expanded into many major markets of the nation over the past few years, but some firms are finding their client base to be working moms in the suburbs.

Workplace wellness is a win-win for companies and employees

A Colliers International report shows that landlords and tenants in Asia-Pacific are making an extra effort to incorporate wellness for a more productive environment.

IWG and Gympass partner for new fitness benefit

IWG has announced a monthly fitness membership for its 1,000 employees, Regus and Spaces staff, and members to suit those with a flexible or remote work schedule.

Convene pushes its hospitality promise with on-site clinics

Eden Health, a primary-care company, has partnered up with Convene to introduce on-site clinics throughout the company’s flexible workspace locations across the country.

A coworking space that takes wellness to the next level

New York-based coworking space The Assemblage was created after founder Rodrigo Niño wanted to create a space that creates a community focused on health and well-being.

Healthy work environments no longer a luxury

In the past few years, incorporating health and wellness in the workplace through greenery, air quality and exercise has become priority in attracting young talent.



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