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Using Meditation To Create A Healthy Work Environment

In order to create and maintain a healthy, toxic-free work environment, employees should take part in meditation, routine check-ups and work-life balance practices.

UK Ranks Lowest In Workplace Happiness

A new survey from Mindspace found that UK workers are among the unhappiest in the world, likely due to a lack of wellness activities and appreciation for employees.

Do Unlimited Holidays Actually Work?

Startups and enterprises have started experimenting with fully-paid, unlimited holidays for workers, but is this policy worth the hype for both employers and employees?

Making The Most Out Of Workplace Wellness Initiatives

A study has found that 87% of employers are committed to offering wellness programs for employees, so it is important for workers to take advantage of these initiatives.

How To Address And Prevent Workplace Burnout

Workplace burnout has recently been brought to the forefront of workforce discussion about how companies can identify and address how to prevent this ongoing issue.

Flexible Offices Take Green Initiatives To The Next Level

The six-star building design is Green Star’s highest rating for sustainable building design and operations, but could flexible workspaces provide an even higher standard?

Providing Workplace Tools To Help Those Suffering From Mental Illness

Mental illness can be debilitating to employees who are struggling, so it is the duty of employers to implement the proper workplace tools to cater to these workers.

Working Dads Want A Better Balance Of Work And Family

A survey of parents from across the UK by workingdads and workingmums found that men want more flexibility in the workplace to boost their mental health and family lives.

Workers Value The Basics In Their Workplace

A study from Workthere asked workers what their most valuable workplace features are, and how satisfied they were with their current workplace’s offering of the feature.

How Workplaces Are Harming The Well-being Of Employees

A new study from Microsoft UK has suggested that several organizations are implementing unhealthy “always on” work habits that are having a profound effect on employees.

The Workplace Will Be Completely Transformed By 2030

The Workplace Futures report from Nespresso Professional has found that workspaces will see drastic changes by 2030, changing how they look and the purpose they serve.

Flexible Working Is Essential Retaining To All Employees

Research from the Boston Consulting Group revealed that if organizations do not offer flexible working arrangements, workers are likely to leave regardless of gender.



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