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Research Shows Employers Focusing On Wellness Programs

A new survey from professional services company Aon has revealed that employers have steadily increased their focus on emotional and wellbeing programs for employees.

How Having Fido Around Can Improve Your Workday

Many millennials are pet owners, and with this, coworking spaces have started embracing dog-friendly policies as they’ve been found to improve overall workplace wellness.

Could Flexible Working Hurt Well-being?

The 2020 Modern Families Index found that working parents who had flexible work options had trouble balancing their work life and home life due to being overworked.

Creating A Workplace That Prioritizes Wellness

Today’s workforce expects more from their employer than just pay with a few benefits — they want a workplace that encourages, values and nurtures their well-being.

Mental Health Is Officially A Priority For Companies

Many companies have started realizing the impact that mental health issues can have on employees and are taking extra precautions in supporting those who are struggling.

Workplace Culture Has a Direct Impact On Employee Health

The Well-Being Learning Project from PricewaterhouseCoopers provided a look into how company culture can have a positive impact on an employees overall well-being.

Workplace Leadership Can Make Or Break Wellbeing

Workspace wellness has gone beyond being a rarity seen at a few workplaces. Now, leaders from across the workforce are expected to embrace the wellbeing of their workers.

The Best Ways To Boost Employee Wellbeing

Research has found that the wellbeing of employees determines the success of a business, so employers must make more of an effort to ensure the best for their workers.

Workers Are Not Taking Advantage Of Downtime During The Holidays

Research shows that workers are not taking advantage of downtime during the holidays, but still spend a big portion of work time doing last minute holiday preparations.

Flexible Working Is Key To Improved Mental Health

The UK’s Labour party ran on the premise of introducing four-day, 32-hour work weeks, which has brought the benefits of flexible working to the main stage of UK politics.

Using Meditation To Create A Healthy Work Environment

In order to create and maintain a healthy, toxic-free work environment, employees should take part in meditation, routine check-ups and work-life balance practices.

UK Ranks Lowest In Workplace Happiness

A new survey from Mindspace found that UK workers are among the unhappiest in the world, likely due to a lack of wellness activities and appreciation for employees.



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