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Healthy work environments no longer a luxury

In the past few years, incorporating health and wellness in the workplace through greenery, air quality and exercise has become priority in attracting young talent.

Prioritizing health and productivity through office design

Many coworking spaces favor the open-office layout, so design companies have curated private working pods to suit those who need privacy to have a productive workday.

How does workplace design affect employee satisfaction?

A 2019 Staples Workplace Survey found compelling data suggesting that the majority of employees now prioritize flexibility, health, and well-being within the workplace.

Active coworking community expands its footprint

Rock climbing, fitness, and coworking company Brooklyn Boulders has inked a new deal for a 30,598 square foot building in Brooklyn’s vibrant Williamsburg neighborhood.

How offices can lead social change

While open office plans and vibrant LED lights can promote productivity in the workplace, those who suffer from mental health and neurological disorders are hindered.

A company that caters to remote workers over 40

Adventurous Life is a company that provides services for a largely underserved market — business owners and remote workers over 40 who enjoy traveling for work.

Open-office concepts are no longer a key in productivity

What was once seen as an innovative model is now the demise of productivity. Open office concepts can often be distracting, noisy and hinder workplace motivation.

Is there a formula to the perfect workplace?

Salesforce, which was named the #1 World’s Best Workplace by Fortune, gives businesses insight into the formula that can help other them be a successful workplace.

Jumping on the biophilic bandwagon

Humans have an innate need to connect with nature. Now many workplaces are attempting to incorporate biophilia in order to boost productivity and well-being of employees.

Would you be tempted to steal food if no one was around?

Easy M Smart Technologies has developed a “smart micro mart” that gives coworking spaces a fully-stocked, unmanned snack shelf that relies on workers not to steal.

It’s going to take more than free beer to attract and retain talent

Practical offices that offer services such as gyms and cafeterias are starting to outpace what were once eye-catching amenities, such as beer-on-tap and recreation rooms.

Accommodating working parents could be harder than expected

On-site childcare for working parents in coworking spaces has become a big trend, but why are many coworking spaces struggling to adopt these beneficial services?



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