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Holographic Transportation: The Future Of Meetings?

Virtual experiences could enable business events, meetings and team collaboration to happen safely. Here’s how 3D holographic images, avatars and other AR/VR technologies could become commonplace both in business and leisure.

May 14, 2020

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Future of Work: How the IoT, AI, and Robotics Can Help Keep Workplaces Clean and Safe

Here’s how emerging technologies like the IoT, artificial intelligence, and robotics can help keep workplaces cleaner and safer following the pandemic.

May 8, 2020

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Zoom Fatigue And How To Avoid It

Got Zoom fatigue? Turns out that video calls are more tiring than face-to-face chat because we expend more energy trying to process facial expressions and body language. These 5 tips will help to alleviate feelings of so-called Zoom fatigue while in lockdown.

May 6, 2020

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How To Protect Your Workspace’s Cyber Health

Cybercriminals are taking advantage of the current situation and ramping up phishing attacks on individuals and businesses. But there are plenty of measures you can implement to protect your workspace and your members. Here are 6 ways to keep your workspace safe.

May 5, 2020

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Proximity Acquires SMPL In Move To Accelerate Connection Of The Mobile Workforce

Coworking network, Proximity Space, Inc., announced it has acquired software company SMPL.

April 13, 2020

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Future Of Work: COVID-19 Reveals Cybersecurity Threats In Digital Transformation Efforts

The coronavirus outbreak forced many organizations to implement work from home policies immediately, a move that has revealed a serious gap in digital transformation preparedness, particularly as it relates to cybersecurity.

April 10, 2020

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Future of Work: The Legal Implications of a Remote Workforce | Tara Vasdani

Tara Vasdani, Principal Lawyer of Remote Law Canada, talks about some of the legal implications…

April 2, 2020

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The Future of Work Is Remote: Why Mental Health and Communication Are Key to Keep Teams Happy and Engaged | Laïla Von Alvensleben

Laïla von Alvensleben, remote work coach and head of culture & collaboration at…

March 19, 2020

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Get More Of The Money-making Space: How Workspace Metrics Can Help Increase Revenue

Metrics can provide valuable data that helps operators understand improvements that can be made to maximise revenue.

March 10, 2020

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Proptech Trends Disrupting Flexible Workspace Industry

Automation, big data, the IoT, and artificial intelligence will have the biggest short-term impact on flexible workspaces.

February 4, 2020

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Biometrics: Hype Or Hazard For Shared Workspaces?

Biometric technology can provide a seamless member experience for shared workspaces. But, there are still many questions over the safety and security of such technologies. To capitalise on their data, should operators consider other high-tech solutions — or jump on the biometric bandwagon?

February 4, 2020

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Deskpass Dominates Flexible Coworking Access In Florida With Launch In Jacksonville, Tampa-St. Pete And Orlando

Deskpass announced today that it has added shared workspaces and conference rooms in Jacksonville, Tampa-St. Petersburg and Orlando.

January 21, 2020

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Future Of Work: 5 Ways Technology Is Reshaping Work And The Workplace

Technology is revolutionizing the way people work and interact with their workplace, and in the future this will only escalate. The rise of ‘digital hiring’, digitized talent management, and smart(er) buildings, are among this list of 5 ways technology is transforming the future of work.

January 17, 2020

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CORI Innovation Fund Selects Proximity For Opportunity Zone Investment

Proximity, which provides coworking spaces with software, hardware products and apps, has received funding from the CORI Innovation Fund.

January 15, 2020

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How To Create A Workplace Environment That Attracts And Retains Talent

Talent attraction and retention is one of the top priorities and challenges for organizations today. Creating the right workplace environment can help companies improve their talent attraction and retention efforts.

January 7, 2020

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