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The Financial Impact Of Employee Wellbeing Programs On Workforce Productivity

A recent study found that there is a positive association between employee wellbeing programs and productivity gains.

November 11, 2019

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How To Improve Transportation Options For Your Employees

Most people aren’t big fans of their commutes, especially if they spend valuable hours stuck in traffic just to get…

November 5, 2019

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Flexible Offices Take Green Initiatives To The Next Level

The six-star building design is Green Star’s highest rating for sustainable building design and operations, but could flexible workspaces provide an even higher standard?

November 4, 2019

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There’s No Such Thing As Too Many Plants (At Home Or The Office)

Biophilic design is having its moment in the workplace. Here’s how to choose the best plants for the office and where to put them.

November 4, 2019

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7 Wellness Perks And Benefits All Companies Should Offer

Wellness focused benefits have become increasingly popular as the line between work and life continues to blur. To attract and retain talent, companies are now offering generous lifestyle benefits such as unlimited vacation time, flexible working policies and caregiver leave. Is your company keeping up with modern demands?

October 28, 2019

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Future Of Work: How Job Crafting Will Change The Way We Work

Job crafting involves making changes to your job role in order for it to better fit your personal interests and skills. Allwork.Space spoke to John Hackston, Head of Thought Leadership at the Myers-Briggs Company, to learn about job crafting and why it’s important for the future of work.

October 25, 2019

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5 Effective Strategies To Cope With Workplace Stress

Stress is the health epidemic of the 21st Century and it has been associated with various mental and physical conditions. Here’s how to better cope with it.

October 21, 2019

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Providing Workplace Tools To Help Those Suffering From Mental Illness

Mental illness can be debilitating to employees who are struggling, so it is the duty of employers to implement the proper workplace tools to cater to these workers.

October 16, 2019

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Working Dads Want A Better Balance Of Work And Family

A survey of parents from across the UK by workingdads and workingmums found that men want more flexibility in the workplace to boost their mental health and family lives.

October 15, 2019

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Workers Value The Basics In Their Workplace

A study from Workthere asked workers what their most valuable workplace features are, and how satisfied they were with their current workplace’s offering of the feature.

October 14, 2019

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The 5 Pillars Of An Effective Employee Wellbeing Solution

Employee buy-in and participation is key to successful wellness programs, but experts warn this doesn’t come naturally. According to Grokker, companies should look for these 5 pillars to create attractive workplace wellness benefits, and help employees meet their goals.

October 14, 2019

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World Mental Health Day: Bringing Mental Health To The Top Of The Workplace Agenda

Today is World Mental Health Day, which aims to raise awareness and mobilize support for mental health issues such as anxiety, depression, and eating disorders, among others. Here’s how the workplace is bringing mental health to the top of its agenda.

October 10, 2019

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How Workplaces Are Harming The Well-being Of Employees

A new study from Microsoft UK has suggested that several organizations are implementing unhealthy “always on” work habits that are having a profound effect on employees.

October 9, 2019

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How The Workplace Environment Can Nurture Mental Health

People spend up to a third of their lives at work; here are three easy ways to improve the workplace environment to better nurture mental health.

October 7, 2019

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The Workplace Will Be Completely Transformed By 2030

The Workplace Futures report from Nespresso Professional has found that workspaces will see drastic changes by 2030, changing how they look and the purpose they serve.

October 4, 2019

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