Virtual Office Currency Changer Scores Points for Alliance Virtual Offices

Alliance Virtual Offices
Alliance Virtual Offices

Want to check out pricing on virtual office space in Paris, or Budapest — in Euros, or U.S. dollars? Alliance Virtual Offices has created an instant currency converter, which means you can view pricing in dollars, Euros or British Pounds, without leaving the page.

The “Change Currency” drop-down menu at the top of the page next to the Alliance Virtual Offices logo can be clicked before you start your search, or at any time during. You can simply select your desired currency. The feature uses the current estimated change rate to offer a calculation of what it will really cost you to set up a virtual office overseas – whether that means Dallas, London, France, New York or some other city.

“Our Change Currency feature makes it easy for international virtual office users to calculate the exact estimated cost in another currency,” says Frank Cottle, chairman of Alliance Virtual Offices. “It’s always better to see exactly what your costs are. By adding our Change Currency feature, you can see at a glance what our virtual offices around the world cost without having to leave the site and visit another online currency converter each time you find an interesting virtual office location.”

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Virtual office space is a trend that continues to get attention. Alliance Virtual Offices sees more and more clients utilizing a virtual office or live receptionist to boost their business growth. With business costs rising and profits constantly under pressure, many start-ups and business professionals choose to forgo the office in exchange for work on-the-go, at home or on hotdesks – and a growing number are waking up to the cost-effective benefits of virtual office programs to improve their reach into outside markets and chances for success.

Virtual offices make good financial sense anywhere you are, but the cost savings are magnified when you look at international expansion. Virtual offices allow you to expand into global markets and test the waters before setting up traditional office space. In fact, you may find that a virtual office meets all your international satellite office needs.

But the key is to make it easy for businesses to conduct searches and quickly assess costs before committing. The Alliance Virtual Office Change Currency feature will save businesses time and effort as they seek new ways to expand their international presence.

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