ABOUT Jamie Orr
Jamie Orr

Jamie Orr, PhD is the cofounder of Jellyswitch, enabling the best possible experience for your flexible workspace. She also co-founded Cowork Tahoe, situated on the shores of beautiful Lake Tahoe. When not helping grow the flexible workspace movement, she is likely offering unsolicited science fun facts or chasing her two daughters on the mountain trails. Feel free to reach out to her directly at [email protected]

Want To Give Back? Try Virtual Volunteering

Giving Tuesday is traditionally a time to give back after the commercial frenzy of Thanksgiving, Black Friday and Cyber Monday. While volunteering in-person is restricted due to the pandemic, there are still ways to help those in need. Here’s how to give back through virtual volunteering.

December 1, 2020

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Coworking Convo: The Community Impact Of Coworking Spaces

In Cat Johnson’s latest Coworking Convo, coworking owners around the world told stories of how their community positively impacts members. From job opportunities to business mentorship, here’s how coworking communities are giving back.

November 26, 2020

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How To Create The Best ‘Zoom Room’ In Your Coworking Space

Zoom calls are now a common occurrence, and workspace centers can add huge value by providing video-friendly rooms with attractive backgrounds. Cowork Tahoe’s Jamie Orr offers 5 easy, low-cost tips on how to create an effective ‘Zoom room’ that your members will love.

November 24, 2020

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A Brief History Of Video Conferencing

Surprisingly, video conferencing has been around for almost a century, although early forms of video conferencing were problematic and expensive. It made its way into flexible offices in the late 1970s and later became widely adopted alongside advances in Internet broadband and hardware.

November 17, 2020

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Future Of Work: Key Findings From The State Of Remote Work Report

According to the State of Remote Work (2020) report, remote work is here to stay — but unfortunately for some people, that means working from a closet. Despite some uncomfortable working conditions, half of survey respondents said they would not return to a job that did not allow them the option to work remote.

November 13, 2020

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How Remote Work Is Changing HR And Recruiting

The rapid shift to remote work is changing HR and recruitment, with many new hires working remotely from day one. Location-independence means employers can significantly increase the number of top applicants, but it also makes roles more competitive. Applicants are urged to spend time writing a thoughtful cover letter and to send a ‘thank you’ letter after the interview, regardless of the outcome.

October 29, 2020

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Hundreds Of Thousands Of Women Have Left The Workforce: What Can We Do About It?

New research shows that four times more women have left the workforce than men, which paints a grim picture of the continuing impact that COVID-19 has had on the US labor force. Urgent intervention is needed, which includes setting realistic expectations and supporting work-life boundaries through flexibility.

October 22, 2020

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Could WFH Become Work From Someone Else’s Home?

What happens when your home isn’t properly equipped for work? The solution, according to startup CODI, is to work from your neighbors’ homes. Because while there is a home near any home, there isn’t always a coworking space near any home.

October 15, 2020

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Is Remote Work Here To Stay? A Poll Of 1,000 Companies Offers The Clearest Vision Yet

Will office workers continue to work remotely once we are safely past COVID-19? To find out if remote work is really here to stay, Chris Herd, founder of FirstBaseHQ, spoke to 1,000 companies about their future plans. Here are the key insights.

October 8, 2020

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Measuring What Matters: How California Government Is Measuring Their Shift To Remote Work

Since March 2020, the state of California has been tracking the impact of remote work. With flexible work set to continue for the foreseeable future, here’s how organizations can adopt a similar strategy to track and measure the effectiveness of remote work for their employees.

September 29, 2020

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Why Color Is So Important For Workspace Design

Some colors are known to soothe us, some to energize, while others distract or even aggravate us. From paint for walls to accent furniture, Cowork Tahoe’s Jamie Orr investigates the science of color and the best combination of colors for workspace design.

September 24, 2020

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GDS: How A Tool From The Travel Industry Can Revolutionize Coworking

In the 1960s, a Global Distribution System (GDS) transformed the travel industry from painstaking manual reservations to fast, electronic bookings. The same system can be applied to coworking, and that’s just what Syncaroo, a GDS founded by Robert Kropp and Hector Kolonas, is working to achieve.

September 15, 2020

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How Coworking Spaces Can Become Micro-HQs In Our New Future Of Work

Many large companies are shifting to remote work and shedding their large offices in the process. In our ‘new normal’ of remote work and decentralized teams, coworking spaces can serve as micro-HQs to support local economic development.

September 3, 2020

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3 Of The Best Bike Racks For Bicycle-Friendly Coworking Spaces

Being a bike friendly workspace can be an attractive benefit for your members. A key component of that is offering convenient and secure bike parking. Here’s what to look for before investing in bike racks for your workspace.

August 27, 2020

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4 Ways To Become A Bicycle-Friendly Coworking Space

The global pandemic has brought a resurgence of interest in cycling, for leisure but also for the work commute. The flexible workspace industry can embrace this trend by becoming more welcoming to cyclists in their communities and by targeting locations that are bike friendly.

August 20, 2020

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