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Daniel Lamadrid

Daniel is a mystery to some and an open book to others. A self-proclaimed plant and coffee lover who is passionate about marketing, especially when it comes to creating content. He speaks 3 languages (4 if you include the meaningful conversations he has with his cats) and is known for buying things he doesn’t need, something a Marketer should know better, right?

Tammy Browning Kelly OCG

Navigating Flux: How Agility Puts Organizations Ahead of the Curve | Tammy Browning

The future of work is in a continuous state of flux, and the more flexible your organization, the more chance you have of hiring the best talent and navigating these changes successfully. Tammy Browning, President of KellyOCG, shares key findings from their recent Global Workforce Agility Report and talks about the constantly evolving expectations of the workforce, and why it’s essential for organizations to meet these evolving needs in order to stay ahead of the curve.

October 14, 2021

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Nhat Nguyen Autonomous

Furnishing the Many Workplaces of a Hybrid Workforce, Flexibly and Ergonomically | Nhat Nguyen

Nhat Nguyen, Head of Global Project, talks to Frank Cottle about the trends they’re seeing as the world adjusts to hybrid work, and why giving more autonomy to employees can create a happier, healthier work culture.

October 7, 2021

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Josh Brenner HIRED

Tackling Bias in Hiring Practices (The AI Way) | Josh Brenner

Josh Brenner, CEO of AI-driven marketplace, Hired, discusses current staffing challenges, how to hire underrepresented talent, best practices for onboarding employees and why more thought needs to be given to job posting descriptions.

September 30, 2021

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Dr. Cortland Dahl

Regain Control Of Your Wellbeing With This Science-Backed Strategy | Dr. Cortland Dahl

Dr. Cortland Dahl, Chief Contemplative Officer for Healthy Minds Innovation and Research Scientist at the Center for Healthy Minds, walks us through the power of meditation to improve neuroplasticity, which is key to improving wellbeing, nurturing resilience, and regulating emotions.

September 23, 2021

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clinton robinson lane ceo

Workplace Technology Is Still Very Disconnected (And That’s A Big Problem) | Clinton Robinson

Clint Robinson, CEO of Lane, argues that the workplace ecosystem is still very fragmented and out of date. The culprit? Different operating software and systems with no technology in sight that seamlessly ties them all together. With remote and hybrid work on the rise, this needs to be a top priority for organizations.

September 16, 2021

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annie rinker hines

What’s Next for the Office and CRE with Hines’ Director of Workplace Services | Annie Rinker

Annie Rinker shares why flexible lease terms, the flight to quality, and the monetization of amenities will be key for landlords to attract CRE tenants moving forward.

August 26, 2021

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andrew seaman linkedin

Exploring the Post-Pandemic Labor Market with LinkedIn’s Senior News Editor | Andrew Seaman

Companies are back to hiring, but worker are more inclined than ever to search for new opportunities. LinkedIn’s News Senior Editor; Andrew Seaman talks about how the pandemic impacted the skills gaps, hiring practices, and talent retention strategies.

August 12, 2021

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readership survey 2021

Allwork.Space 2021 Readership Survey

We’re not perfect. How can we do better?  We are constantly looking for ways to improve your Allwork.Space experience.  Please take our…

July 29, 2021

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readership survey 2021

2021 Readership Survey Sweepstakes Rules, Terms and Conditions.

Winner will be reached via email and announced publicly on September 1st 2021 (not their email, just their name) here.  Official Rules   NO…

July 29, 2021

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jib van der voort remote

How to Build a Globally Distributed Team (Without Breaking Any Laws)| Job van der Voort

Remote work is here to stay, however hiring people from different countries and staying compliant is no easy feat. Job Van der Voort, CEO of HR tech company Remote, shares how he built a distributed team across 67 countries and did it without breaking any laws.

July 29, 2021

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david o'coimin nook pod

Nothing About Us, Without Us: Workspace Design that Fits Everybody| David O’Coimin

David O’Coimin, the founder and CEO of DO Company and Nook Wellness Pods, is on a mission to make the workplace more neuro-inclusive and mindful. How? By shaping spaces to tap into our personal neuro advantages, we can create more equitable, purposeful environments that enables everybody to thrive.

July 15, 2021

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tim minahan citrix

The Born Digital Generation: Attracting the Leaders of the Future | Tim Minahan

Tim Minahan, EVP Strategy and CMO at Citrix argues that smart companies are getting creative about staffing models and thinking about the born digital generation to future-proof their business, here’s why.

July 1, 2021

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Creating Safe and Welcoming Workplace Environments: What Employers Need to Know Now | Kate Bally

Kate Bally, Director of Labor and Employment Service, Practical Law at Thomson Reuters, discusses the quickly changing legal landscape around a post-pandemic return to the office and what employers can do as they and their employees navigate this dynamic world.

June 10, 2021

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Wellness Template Articles

Feeling Exhausted? Here’s Why 8 Hours of Sleep Won’t Cut It

Resting and sleeping are not the same thing. Here’s how to feel rested to prevent exhaustion and burnout.

March 3, 2021

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Future of Work Template Articles

9 Strategies To Prevent Remote Workers From Being A Cybersecurity Threat

While many describe the ability to work from home as a comfortable solution, it does come with its own set of cybersecurity risks. Here are 9 strategies to prevent attacks and hacks.

October 7, 2020

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