Get Social: How to Follow Up With Contacts After a Business Event

Business networking
Business networking

The 2014 ABCN WorldView Forum, which took place from 9th-12th April, was not just an opportunity to learn about new workplace trends and changes. It was also a chance to meet and re-connect with influential industry figures – both from a new business perspective as well as an opportunity to share knowledge.

However, all too often, industry events can become nothing but a distant memory. Promises to ‘stay in touch’ get forgotten and before you know it, six months have passed and things get a little… awkward.

So how do you stay in touch after an event and make the most of your new – or old – connections? Here are a few suggestions on how to keep that momentum rolling and to ensure you make the most of the event, before you slip back into the ‘business as usual’ grind…

Get Social
The importance of social media was highlighted more than once during the Forum. Remember that social media is all about having conversations, so what better way to connect than through Twitter, LinkedIn or Facebook? LinkedIn is your best starting point – start by searching for delegates’ names and if you’re not already connected, send them an invitation. Add a personal message to remind them how you met – such as “It was great to meet you at the ABCN Forum in Budapest. Let’s stay in touch”.

When using social media, you can also join group discussions by searching for hashtags on Twitter, or posting comments on Facebook threads. And be sure to add your own photos – this is a great conversation starter. Just make sure they’re appropriate!

Use Your Delegates’ List
Every attendee at the Forum received a delegates’ contact list. Use this as a reference to help you get in touch with other people who were there. If you’ve lost your copy, you can request a new one from Sandra or John at ABCN.

Get Involved in Post-Event Summaries
There’s always a bit of buzz post-event. You’ll normally find written summaries posted on attendees’ websites – just like our Day 1 and Day 2 overviews, and the report posted on essensys’ blog. They have all been shared on social media too. Join the buzz by posting a comment on these articles – it will help to keep your name/brand in the minds of others, and it’s a useful in-road to help you get to know other people in those social circles too.

You can use the event to promote your own brand in different ways. For instance, offer all event attendees a special promotion, or share exclusive resources or useful information with the group. A flat statement like “XYZ Company enjoyed the event last week” might not go very far – but a special promotion will pique others’ interests and is more likely to generate a little extra attention.

Anyone interested in joining the buzz from Budapest can check out our Twitter feed #abcnBudapest and join our groups on LinkedIn – ABCN and OfficingToday. We’ve also posted some photos on Facebook – please feel free to share yours, too!

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