RJmetis and Phoenix Broadband Merging to Form Hubcreate

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Hubcreate logo

RJmetis and Phoenix Broadband (Medusa Business) are delighted to announce their agreement to merge. Through this merger, Hubcreate, a combined internet management and software group, will be created to service the shared workspace industry.

Building upon over ten years’ knowledge, Hubcreate will service 1000 workspaces in more than 35 countries. The merger is a direct response to the changing way in which workspace is utilised worldwide. Customers are adopting a flexible approach to work which can take place anywhere there is a comfortable environment and a sense of community.

Hubcreate offers the software tools to help anyone running a business centre, coworking hub or a business lounge to manage and promote the space.

Justin Harley, Managing Director, RJmetis, explains: “We are really excited about merging with Phoenix Broadband; our complementary skills and combined knowledge place us in a unique position to become the leading provider of software tools to the shared space market. We are creating a Space Ecosystem allowing customers to pick and choose the functions required to create a thriving workspace.

“It really doesn’t matter how big or small your space is; Hubcreate has a solution to meet all hub requirements, be that for a business centre, coworking club or a business lounge.”

Tony Freeth, Co-Founder, Phoenix Broadband, comments: “Through Hubcreate, businesses will be able to manage their workspace intelligently with connectivity, booking, billing, community building and access, all controlled using a fully integrated system.

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“Hubcreate’s mission is to make the process of managing a workspace hub completely effortless. We are making things simple enough for users to perform their daily tasks and sophisticated enough for owners to analyse business performance.”

The business will continue to support current products from RJmetis and Phoenix Broadband, CentreCharge and Medusa.

If you are interested in learning more about how Hubcreate’s exciting array of skills could provide a simple solution for your workspace, please call 0845 303 1000 or email [email protected]

For further information about Hubcreate, please visit: www.hubcreate.com.

Notes to editors:

Hubcreate is a merger between Phoenix Broadband and RJmetis.

Phoenix Broadband is the provider of Medusa, the leading supplier of bandwidth management and WiFi solutions to over 400 flexible workspace locations in the USA and the UK.

RJmetis is the provider of CentreCharge, the most used CRM and billing software in the flexible workspace industry with over 600 locations in 35 countries.

Hubcreate brings together skills, technology and expertise for business centres, coworking hubs, science parks, incubators and accelerators. It provides the software and solutions to manage all aspects of a flexible workspace, from CRM and billing, bandwidth management for offices, WiFi for meeting rooms and communal spaces, online booking of products and services and, above all, a community management module to promote online collaboration. Everything is integrated within a single modular system.

The new company is privately owned and will employ over 20 people in the UK.

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