INFOGRAPHIC: What’s Turning Off Your Website Visitors?

Infographic - RedWebsiteDesign

If you read our three tips on how to improve your business centre website, you’ll already know that subtle design elements play a mammoth role in attracting – and keeping – website visitors.

Making a few small tweaks to your design could make a huge difference to your website conversion rates, and might even help reel in that big fish you’ve been waiting for.

This insightful infographic from Red Website Design looks at the importance of a good user experience, and challenges 5 factors that can affect the growth of your website.

We’ve re-printed the infographic below. Here are a few key points in summary:

  • Short patience: 40% of website visitors leave pages that take more than 3 seconds to load. Faster load times also mean lower bounce rates – sites that take 4 seconds to load see a 100% bounce rate.
  • Colour schemes: Red Website Design found that green is the optimum colour for traffic growth, with red-themed sites the least popular.
  • Love lists: 70% of users look at bulleted lists, while most visitors will focus on the first two paragraphs of content. Therefore, try to make your opening sentence as punchy and informative as possible.
  • Trustworthy: A whopping 94% of people cite website design as a reason they trust – or don’t trust – a company. Sites can improve trust by linking to media coverage, showcasing logos of prominent clients, and avoiding stock photography.
  • HTML 5: A website that uses HTML5 is said to have many benefits – increased accessibility, better media performance, and mobile-ready browsing. Indeed, Red Website Design found that switching to HTML5 could more than double a site’s page views.

Here’s the infographic in full. If your website traffic has been lagging of late, there are some useful pointers in here that could help you to improve your business centre’s online performance. Not convinced you need to enhance your website? Seek a client’s opinion, or ask a business colleague from outside of the industry to evaluate it for you. It certainly pays to listen to constructive feedback – after all, it’s their opinion that truly counts.

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Infographic - Red Website Design

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