In the Loop: Coworking Influencing Design, IoT, and SMEs

top view of conference table with office accessories and computers

How and Why Coworking is Shaping Office Design

“The influence of the design of these sorts of offices is even starting to spread out into more traditionally corporate environments. The premise for this seems to be that whenever you ask people to describe their perfect office, you almost invariably get a description of something that sounds like what we would now deem to be an archetypal coworking space.” Read the full article here.


Developing a Successful Small Business

Starting a new business is no easy task, but that doesn’t mean that it shouldn’t be done. It only means that it should be done carefully, thoughtfully, and with a clear goal in mind. This Entrepreneur article presents 6 ‘keys’ that an entrepreneur needs to have in hand in order to start and develop a small business.

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The Dangers of IoT

The Internet of Things is quickly taking over everything tech. Connected devices, wearable technology, artificial intelligence, it’s all moving fast, and some believe that we’re not considering all the dangers that this could imply. Business Insider presents a compelling case for why security requirements should be stricter for IoT and some ways in which we can all prevent hackers from taking over our data and entering our networks.

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