In the Loop: Coworking’s Market, Employee Well-Being, and Slack

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Taking Care of Your Employees
Not that long ago, Kathlene Buchcanan, Founder of Metro Offices, shared with OT that employees are her secret weapon to success, which is why she makes it her mission to take care of them and ensure that they’re doing well. Afterall, if your staff isn’t feeling 100%, they’re not going to be able to give the best customer service and attention to clients and members. So, here’s how you can help your staff feel better; HBR’s tips to helping your team manage stress, anxiety, and burnout.


Coworking is Attracting Large Enterprises
A recent occupier survey by CBRE states that large companies, including Fortune 500 companies, are starting to look and move into coworking spaces. The report credits this shift to the fact that companies are under pressure to provide work flexibility options in order to secure and retain talent.

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Managing Teams
Great news for companies managing remote teams and for businesses that use Slack for internal communication. Microsoft recently announced that Skype is now able to integrate with Slack, allowing users to video-call from within the collaborating platform. Find out more on what features this integration includes and how you can integrate Skype to your Slack’s team.  

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