OT’s New APAC Edition: A Letter to Our Readers

Gold Coast, Australia - AUG 23: Aerial view of the famed Gold Coast in Queensland Australia looking from Surfers Paradise down to Coolangatta. August 23, 2013 Gold Coast, Australia

Coming soon! We’re unveiling a new edition to OT: OT APAC, dedicated exclusively to news, information and trends from Australia and Asia Pacific.

With new generations and new technologies come new ways to work. We saw a big shift in how people work when millennials first entered the workforce and now that GenZ is about to ‘join the ranks’, many are expecting a workplace revolution.

Earlier this year, we wrote about workplace trends that we expect to boom this 2016, with the top trend being remote work practices. For several years now, remote and flexible work have steadily become more popular; increasing the demand for serviced offices and flexible workspaces. The more professionals seek flexible options, the more our industry grows and gains strength globally.

By now, there’s no denying that a fundamental shift on how we work has taken place. Coworking and flexible workspaces are popping up all over the world. From the US to China, from Australia to Latin America, and all over Europe and Asia serviced offices are in more demand now than ever.

In our efforts to remain the number one global source for industry news, we’ve decided to add a new edition to OT. Coming soon, we’ll have OT APAC, which will focus exclusively on industry news, trends, and information in the Australia and Asia Pacific region. We’ll all be leading this new venture, but we’ll be guided by regional experts such as Lisa Creffield, a Sydney based business writer.

At OT, our mission is to be the global source of news of our industry. Our purview has always been global, however we have often focused in the areas where we have writers. In the beginning much of our staff was in the US. We then branched out to the epicenter of our industry: the UK; this allowed us to maintain a constant feed of market news from Europe and, as our team continued to grow, from even further afield.

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As our industry kept growing and as digital media became the new normal, we had to up our game. We realized we needed to do more for the industry globally. Although we didn’t expect to have a writer in each region just yet, we knew we had to have more presence in the digital world and cover more news from Latin America, Asia, Australia, India, everywhere. We hired a new Managing Editor, one based in Latin America and with background experience in social media. In just a few short months, OT has covered more flexible workspace news from Latin America, Asia and Australia than ever before, and as a result, its readership has tripled.

Still, we want more, because we know you want more. You, our readers, and the industry at large, deserve more. OT is a family brand of the Alliance Network, which has been increasing its presence in various places around the world. Last year, it named Steve Golding as ABCN’s ASEA Executive Director which led to increased opportunities and insights as to what’s going on in the region. And, let us tell you this…one hell of a lot is going on Down Under.

With this, we hope to continue to expand our coverage and reach all things serviced office, coworking, and flexible workplace. So stay tuned and in the loop with either or both of our editions, and keep a look out for the following editions to come.

If you, or anyone you know, would be interested in writing guest posts for OT APAC, let us know. We’re always eager to find new voices and hear ideas you’d like to share. If you’re an operator and are interested in learning more about ABCN in the region, please get in touch with Steve Golding.

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