Innovative Coworking Set to Strengthen Sydney Creative Community

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SUNSTUDIOS joins forces with innovation agency, How To Impact, to launch ‘The Treehouse’

Australian photographers and visual creatives have been given their own dedicated co-working space designed to foster innovation, collaboration, commercial success and professional networks at Sydney’s renowned SUNSTUDIOS.

Named The Treehouse, the new hub is a result of a rapid prototyping, service and spatial design project run by How To Impact in collaboration with Sydney’s photographic community.

The custom-built environment accommodates up to 24 people and offers a raft of professional resources alongside educational events, in-house marketing support and access to world class exhibition space. It represents a business model innovation in response to the unprecedented change underway within the professional photography market.

Alan Brightman, General Manager of SUNSTUDIOS, said The Treehouse offers a range of membership options and will allow local photographers to flourish in a professional and inspiring work environment.

“SUNSTUDIOS is all about embracing visual creatives to help them thrive. The Treehouse creates a community hub that inspires, enables and celebrates visual creativity. We have always supported emerging talent, so will allocate two desks for selected students within The Treehouse to help bring them into our growing community.”

Matt Whale, Managing Director of How To Impact, said The Treehouse is a fantastic example of how established companies can stretch their thinking and disrupt the status quo.

“We conducted three rounds of hypothesis testing to land on our final concept, ensuring end-users were consistently involved so that we could pivot based on their feedback. As part of this, we used virtual reality technology to bring design ideas to life for potential patrons and allow them to be immersed in the future space,” he said.

“We are thrilled to have been able to deliver a business model and creative environment that we know will deliver lasting benefits and support SUNSTUDIOS’ mission of helping visual creatives prosper.”

Brightman said the collaborative process involved in creating the new co-working hub has also provided a solid platform for enhancing SUNSTUDIOS’relevance in an evolving market.

“How To Impact brought amazing rigour and discipline to our process of assessing new business opportunities and worked with us from planning to completion to bring the concept to life. It’s an exciting time and we look forward to growing with Sydney’s creative community over time.”

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Feature image taken from SUNSTUDIOS’ website.

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