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Earlier this year, GCUC and ABCN announced a partnership to host the first ever ALLGCUC Conference. Frank Cottle, founder of Alliance Business Centers Network, discusses how the aim of this partnership is to continue to bring the industry together… globally.

For five years now, GCUC has been sweeping the coworking sector of our industry forward, establishing itself as the leader on all things “co”, from starting one, to designing one, to running one. On the other side is ABCN, a global network of classic business centers with over 20 years of experience, that’s dedicated itself to helping independent center operators grow and remain competitive on a global scale.

The Juicy Alliance was born when Cottle and Elam (founder of GCUC) recognized that there these two large and fast growing industry sectors had much more in common than many realized, and other smaller sectors such as incubators and accelerators were also elemental within the growth of the industry. According to Cottle, “it’s time for business center operators, coworking space providers, incubators, and accelerators to start borrowing more actively from one another in order for the industry to gain the public recognition that it deserves.”

This greater sense of inclusion, is what ALL.GCUC is aiming for this May in Los Angeles, as well as with the other events it’ll host this year throughout Europe, Asia and Australia.

“Together we can accomplish our goals at the ever increasing speed of today’s business and social change.” says Liz Elam

ALL.GCUC will feature experts from all sectors of the industry as speakers, and cover a huge bandwidth of topics that are essential for every type of workspace to be successful.   

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“We want to deliver inclusive programming that can speak to a larger audience and we want to deliver the best industry events in the world.” – Liz Elam

Among the topics to be covered during the 4-day conference you’ll find:

  • Ways to drive revenue
  • Legal issues and considerations
  • Negotiation tips
  • Everything on community — how to build it, nurture it, and grow it
  • Hiring insights
  • How to raise funds
  • Work-life balance
  • Design trends
  • The office of the future
  • Management and administration
  • New technology

The event will be a unique opportunity to network with friends and operators from every imaginable sector of our industry; and to get up to speed on current trends and issues that will drive our industry’s decision making success into the future.

“Our industry is the now and future model for all aspects of the workplace”, said Frank Cottle, “and ALL.GCUC LA will be the nexus that establishes the direction that we will take moving forward.”

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