Flexible Workspace Operator Idea Sq. Joins the Alliance Network


The Alliance Network is known for being the largest network of independently owned and managed flexible workspaces.

For years now the ABCN portfolio has been continually growing, and in recent years the Network expanded from business centers and virtual offices, to also welcoming coworking centers.

The latest addition to the Alliance Network is Idea Square, a flexible workspace operator in Mumbai, India. Idea Sq. offers a range of services, from meeting rooms to a coworking center and  Kaushal Mehta comments how at Idea Sq., “We work with the vision of transforming austere spaces into creative, innovative, and productive environments that take businesses to new heights.”

LMT_0307True to the flexible aspect of today’s work style trends, Idea Sq. offers different memberships and services. A service that they offer that caught ABCN’s attention is their concept of ‘Instant Offices’, which Mr. Mehta explains are ready to use spaces that businesses and companies can rent in the case of natural or man-made disasters. Their goal is to aid these companies in continuing their operations while they repair their headquarters or set up office in a new location.

Mr. Mehta also comments how their products can appeal to a wide variety of clients, as they have cost-effective services as well as more luxurious and private workspaces. Regardless of the service type, Idea Sq. provides all clients help in the areas of housekeeping, administrative and security services.

LMT_0330As for joining the Alliance Network, Mr. Mehta stressed the value of ABCN’s expertise and knowledge, as well as the opportunity for them to grow their market, attract new clients, and increase their profit. However, he goes further and says the the most important benefit to them is that Alliance counts with 650 locations in over 40 countries, which will provide them with a unique opportunity to network and stay current on workplace trends and insights.

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    Future plans of Idea Sq. include opening up more locations while “maintaining stride with their objective of offering creative, innovative, and productive environments by implementing the most advanced technologies within their realm.”

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