New DC Workspace Location in BOMA 360 Performance Building

Premier Business Centers, a leading workspace provider and an Alliance Business Centers Network Member, is set to open a new location in the Homer Building, Washington D.C.  

The 12,687 sq. foot location will offer 54 full-time offices – furnished and unfurnished, as well as high-speed internet, telephone answering services, day offices, meeting and conference rooms, virtual office options, part-time office space memberships, and administrative services and support.

The long-standing ABCN member will boast its new office location in the twelve-story Neo-Classical Homer Building, designed in 1913 by Appleton Prentiss Clark. The building is located atop the distinguished Metro Center station and has a rooftop terrace with views of the DC skyline.

Mark Burger, Senior VP of Sales & Marketing, comments,

“Premier has been very strong and continues to be very strong on the West Coast; that’s not going to change. So we’re proactively working on getting a stronger presence in the Eastern part of the country. DC was the obvious choice, and the Homer Building in particular is a great opportunity for us; the building is at a great location, a nice building, and it’s going to be very attractive for our customer.”

One of the reasons why the new DC location is likely to attract customers is that the Homer Building is a BOMA 360 performance building. Meaning that it operates under the best business practices in the areas of: building operations and management, life safety, security and risk management, training and education,  energy, environmental sustainability,  and tenant relations and community involvement.

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No doubt this will give Premier a competitive advantage in the DC flexible workspace market. Though Mr. Burger admits that “there’s a lot of workspace options in the DC market that operate with high quality products and services,” he also believes that there’s room for everyone. And a BOMA certification backing their location choice can prove to be helpful.

According to BOMA International, BOMA 360 buildings tend to attract new clients and tend to earn higher scores in 47 out of 50 tenant satisfaction categories. As we’ve discussed in OT previously, tenants are the #1 enabler of our industry, so keeping them happy and preventing member churn is a must for the success of any workspace operator.  

Premier Business Center’s new DC location is set to open in the coming weeks, sometime between early to mid May.


Image via Commons Wikimedia