The Alliance Business Centers Network Announces Partnership with Anytime Mailbox


The Alliance Business Centers Network (ABCN) is pleased to announce an addition to the Alliance family of brands with a new affiliation with Anytime Mailbox, a digital mail startup that is revolutionizing the way flexible workspace operators process and forward mail.

The Alliance Business Centers Network recently formed a joint venture partnership with Your City Offices, MeetingHub, and Flexado as part of its strategy to deliver more value to its members, partners, and clients.

Today, ABCN is delighted to announce that through joint venture and investment activities, Anytime Mailbox has become an affiliated company of Alliance Business Centers Network.

Founded by Matt Going and Marcel Buechi, Anytime Mailbox is a tech company that developed a platform, which allows users to access their postal mail anytime and anywhere by digitizing it. Anytime Mailbox is a cloud-based and private labeled platform that facilitates mail processing and forwarding, while also providing an extra level of security.

The partnership will bring various benefits to The Alliance Network, its Members, and its Family of Brands. Commenting on the newly formed partnership Frank Cottle, Chairman and Founder of ABCN, mentions:

“Having Anytime Mailbox by our side will allow us to strengthen our members’ offerings, as well as improve how our family of brands does business. For example, our partner in the Netherlands, Flexado, will be able to offer this cutting-edge mail system to its clients for free, while also reducing overall operational overhead and postage costs.”

“Digital mail will transform the flexible workspace and digital mail industries; we at Alliance want to stay ahead of this revolution and lead the way towards improved services and products for the market. Partnering with Anytime Mailbox has given us the perfect opportunity to set the future standard of mail processing and handling in our industry.”

Matt Going, on behalf of Anytime Mailbox commented:

“Alliance Business Centers Network has been an industry leader for over 20 years. Our partnership will allow us at Anytime Mailbox to further establish ourselves as the key player in digital mailbox. Also, ABCN’s expertise in growth strategies will be a great asset for Anytime Mailbox, as the Alliance team will be able to play a key advisory role in how we continue to grow our digital mail platform.”


About ABCN

The Alliance Business Centers Network was founded by Frank Cottle, a pioneer and respected visionary in the business, in 1992. Today, Alliance is the largest global network of serviced offices in the world, with more than 650 locations in 40 countries. Combining the best of people, place and technology, Alliance provides solutions to mobile workers, entrepreneurs, small businesses and corporates.

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    About Anytime Mailbox

    Anytime Mailbox was founded by Matt Going and Marcel Buechi in 2013. Their goal was to develop a secure, scalable, and easy to use tool for mail recipients and mail center operators to turn postal mail into immediately accessible digital mail. Anytime Mailbox is recognized for being a leading private labeled, cloud-based technology provider for the postal ecosystem.

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