Why your Center Needs to be on Google Maps and How to do It

It all comes down to location. It’s as simple as that.

Besides the flexibility that flexible workspaces allow, workspaces have also gained popularity due to the fact that they tend to be conveniently and prestigiously located in cities and neighborhoods all around the world.

One of the major selling points of your center is where it’s located. Typically, those searching look for a renowned area where they can easily commute to. Google searches vary greatly, but we can assume that when looking for a workspace, people are likely to include the city, neighborhood, or area in which they would like to work.

As you probably know, conducting a Google search with a location included yields Google Maps information as the top results (for instance, “workspace in Los Angeles” or “serviced office New York”). If your center’s information is on Google Maps, it means that potential clients are seeing your space before they see anyone else’s.

Google Maps can give you a strong competitive advantage — it  provides extra online visibility, adds credibility to your center, and helps you keep track of your overall Google online presence.

Adding your workspace(s) to Google Maps isn’t a difficult science, it’s pretty straight-forward and it’s also free. Here are the basic steps, though you can find a detailed explanation by Business2Community here.

  1. Add or claim your center on Google My Business
  2. Enter your name and address in the search box
  3. Select or add your center
  4. Select a category
  5. Verify your workspace (could take up to 2 weeks or, if you’re lucky, you might be able to verify though a text message or call)
  6. Confirm your business

Simple as that. Ok, it’ll take some time, especially because you need to figure out if your workspace is already listed or not, as well as other minor details (like how you want your contact info to show up), but the process shouldn’t take too long.

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Check out the full article on how to add your workspace or workspaces to Google Maps and get ready to welcome more clients and increased traffic to your website.


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