Top 10 Quotes from the ALLGCUC Conference

This week we were at the ALLGCUC Conference in Los Angeles. Now that it’s over, we can definitely say the 3-day conference was full of insights and knowledge that are sure to mark a new era for the flexible workspace industry.

Below, you will find 10 of the best quotes from various speakers of the conference (in no order in particular). Keep an eye out on the coming weeks for more juicy content on what we heard, what we learned, and what we hope to see from operators around the globe.

Top 10 Quotes

“Let’s change the world we work in, not just the way we work.” -Frank Cottle

“Your space is your opportunity to say something to someone. What do you want to say?”  -Bob Fox 

“Coworking space is a container, it holds this potential energy, and all participants create energy together, community manager needs to facilitate this energy.” – David walker

“If you play music in your workspace, you will annoy some people and you will help some people.” -Will Henshall

“The true measure of successful place is occupancy; it’s that people have chosen to be there.” -Melissa Marsh

“Business centers need to start thinking about individuals and coworking centers need to start thinking more about companies.” -Tony Freeth

“The blending with coworking and business centers is vitally important in the history and structure of the industry.” -Frank Cottle

“Workplace is a high performance business tool to connect people and rapidly capture and develop new ideas that will sustain companies long into the future.” -Bob Fox

“The industry is young, the future is bright.” -Steve King

Coworking is all about community, but I believe the work part of coworking should be as attractive as the ‘co’ part.” -Jerome Chang


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