Consolidation and Opportunity in the Flexible Workspace Marketplace

The fourth video in Landmark Plc’s series of interviews that seeks to better understand the flexible workspace industry, see where it is headed, and get to know some of the key players involved in it. 

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This week, Richard Gill, Managing Director of Landmark Plc, interviews Douglas Green, co-founder of Green Kinnear Real Estate, discuss consolidation and opportunities in the flexible workspace marketplace.

As for setting prices:

“There’s no set formula, there’s no set price; but it generally is a multiple of the free cash or EBITDA (Earnings before interest, taxes, depreciation, and amortization), and it’s subject to market demands.” 

Topics discussed include:

  • Transactions and consolidations in the sector
  • The effect of growth in the sector
  • The rise of conventional rents in the City and West End
  • Values affected by co-working environments

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