Coworking Spaces and Virtual Offices Lead to Savings on Rental Costs

Over 50% of respondents in an Avila Business Centers study, claim that the main reason for having chosen a coworking space or virtual Office, was the savings on rental costs that they wouldn’t have in an own property.

Lisbon, July 12th, 2016 – Avila Business Centers, the market leader in virtual offices and shared workspaces, published the results of a satisfaction survey to its customers. From March till April this year, were inquired 625 companies and professional of the range of users of Avila Business Centers. Among these are punctual coworkers, including “digital nomads”, users of meeting rooms and foreign customers.

The major conclusion to be drawn from this study is that the main reason that led professionals to opt for a new working model based on coworking and virtual Office, is the ‘cost reduction with a property’ (53.2% of responses) . In Avila Business Centers, customers have several plans to choose from, all of them ready-to-go, with Internet, cleaning service, secretarial services and other premium services included on the price. Secondly, respondents valued, precisely, the ‘secretarial services’, which in Avila has personalized service and whose performance has been distinguished with three  Call Center trophies (2011, 2004 and 2015).

“There are international studies referring the need for organizations to adapt themselves to a new relation that professionals have with the workspace, namely the generation of millennials: there is more mobility, people seek to work in different places to get out of the routine, be more inspired and have more contact with other professionals; they seek for a better balance between personal and professional life, ” recalls Carlos Gonçalves, CEO of Avila Business Centers.

With 12.8% of the answers is the fact that coworking spaces and virtual offices allow greater “balance between professional and personal life.” For not having a fixed workplace and restricted to schedules is, for customers of the Avila Business Centers, simpler to reconcile the working hours with the social and family life. One of the modalities of coworking space from Avila Business Centers allows the use of a work station with a daily price of 15 euros (Nomad).

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Contractual flexibility, schedule flexibility and prestige address, complete the range of answers given by the 625 companies and professional respondents of the universe of users of Avila Business Centers who have participated in the satisfaction survey. Regarding Avila Business Centers clients’ expectations about the continuity of using these workspaces, the answers leave us in no doubt: 84.3% guarantee that will continue to take advantage of the facilities of  Avila’s virtual offices and coworking over the next year .

” The conclusions of this study come only to show that new professions, many created by the demands of new Technologies, do not require that a professional has to rent out a fixed workplace, with charges incompatible with its activity. A clear example of this paradigm are called “digital nomads” who, when choosing their schedules and having flexibility of movement, improve their quality of life, always with the possibility of working in a premium space in the center of Lisbon, such as Avila Business Centers”, concludes Carlos Gonçalves.

About  Avila Business Centers

Avila Business Centers is the most prized business center in Portugal and it is the country’s innovation leader in the market of flexible workspaces. Both Avila Business Centers and Avila Coworking, offer a premium environment with the latest technology, where companies can grow in a sustainable and dynamic way. Avila Business Centers has revolutionized the market for virtual offices with the launching of myOffice app in 2010, an international pioneering platform.

Founded in 2004, Avila Business Centers currently has more than 500 national and international clients and it is a member and representative of the largest network of world business centers, the eOffice International Network, in Portugal. This network has over 300 locations and it is managed from the United Kingdom. Avila Business Centers has its premises in Lisbon, in Avenida da República and Avenida João Crisóstomo.