Executive Suites of Minnesota Joins the Alliance Network

Family owned, Executive Suites of Minnesota (EXSMN) was founded in 1990 by Wayne Freeman and has grown to have four locations throughout the Twin Cities, including an entire floor at the renowned IDS Center.

Their IDS Center location is currently undergoing renovations in the center’s common areas, with the hopes of giving the entire workspace a more contemporary look, Greg Freeman, EXSMN business partner, tells us.

A more contemporary look isn’t the only change that EXSMN are making. The family owned workspace has decided to join the Alliance Network as part of its strategy to stay current, relevant, and up to date on the latest trends.

“We feel that being members of the organization (ABCN) gives us access to the current best practices so that we can best serve our clients’ needs. We also feel that ABCN gives our business a mark of prestige that we would not otherwise have.”

For over 20 years Alliance has made it its mission to create flexible workspace industry awareness and help independent operators thrive in a local and global market. Founded by Frank Cottle, ABCN is known within the industry as being the largest network of operators and one that offers a tremendous amount of knowledge and expertise.

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“We expect to obtain a great deal of current industry knowledge and we look forward to the increased volume of business from both virtual offices and full-time workspace users.”

Because Executive Suites of Minnesota is a family owned business, “we brand in a very quiet way, focusing on making our clients’ success the primary driver of our success.” Which is why joining Alliance was a no-brainer for them, as it will allow them to continue their efforts of interacting directly with all of their clients while also increasing their online and overall branding presence through ABCN’s various channels.

As for what the future holds, Greg added:

“We want to enhance our business, we would like to add coworking inside our centers, and we would like to continue to seek out prudent opportunities to expand our business, either by modifying our existing suites or moving to new locations.”

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