INFOGRAPHIC: 5 Elements of an Agile Workspace

A few months back, we wrote about how coworking spaces had evolved into being more than simply open space. This evolution came as a response to worker needs and demands towards creating more productive workspaces.

There is not one size fits all when it comes to creating the ideal workspace; workers and companies alike have different goals and different needs. What works for some hinders the others and vice versa. Still, in an industry where the mission is to cater to everyone’s needs and keep everyone happy, having a workspace environment that can easily adapt to various needs and demands is a must.

Agile Office or Agile Workspace

Spectrum Workplace defines agile workspaces as: a blend of creativity and science; they’re environments that are space efficient, productive, and vibrant.

But, how are they space efficient, productive, and vibrant?

Let’s go back to our claim that coworking is no longer synonymous with open space. While open-plan workspaces were known for being vibrant and space efficient, they weren’t exactly known for enhancing productivity. On the other hand, cubicles and traditional offices are known for being more productive, yet less space efficient, less collaborative, and not at all vibrant.

Seems that, like with all things in life, balance is what was missing.

In the flexible workspace industry, the last year we’ve seen how operators have begun to design workspaces that are a blend of private office space with shared workspace. This hybrid model formula appears to be working, allowing users of the workspace to work better, regardless of the project or task at hand.

Below, you will find an infographic by Spectrum Workplace that lists and describes the 5 necessary elements to creating a true agile workplace; one that is space efficient, productive, and vibrant.


Agile Working Infographic

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