5 Tools to Power Your Social Media Efforts

As a marketing tool, social media is here to stay; but it’s also here to do a lot more than contribute to your marketing efforts. Think about it, when used correctly social media can enhance your customer care, your branding efforts, and even your reputation.

It’s a powerful tool. But for it to deliver powerful results, you need to properly manage your presence across varying channels, you need to put in a significant amount of time and effort, and you need to have a strategy. Luckily for workspace operators and business owners out there, the increase of social media users has led to the creation of platforms and tools that help companies and brands better manage and organize their social media efforts.

Whether you’re hoping to increase followership, find content to share, or share your content more successfully, there’s a social media tool available to enrich your social media undertaking. Some are available for free and others at a premium, depending on how many social channels you want to add, manage, and include through your profile.

Below you will find 5 tools that we believe can help you power your social media presence and success.


Hootsuite is probably one of the most popular and widely used social media management tools. It allows you to create custom feeds in your dashboard, allows for message scheduling, provides analytics reports, and integrates well with Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram, and Google+.

Hootsuite offers a free, pro, and enterprise plan.


Buffer is a scheduling app that allows you to integrate Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, LinkedIn, Google+, and Instagram; it also provides analytics reports.  Although Buffer doesn’t provide streams, it does offer very flexible options for scheduling, including ‘re-buffering’ tweets and posts, sharing at specific intervals, and repeating a post every day at a certain time.

Buffer also offers Pablo, a tool which allows you to create your own images with text and share them on social media. Buffer offers a free and awesome plan for individuals, and 3 different plans for teams and companies.


Bitly is a link shortening platform that helps you better organize and analyze the content you share. Bitly integrates well with other social media management tools like Buffer, IFTT, Simply Measured, and others. Through Bitly you can create branded links and also have access to individual links analytics, performance, and reach. It’s a simple way to make sure your links are taking people to the right website, to make sure your social posts look cleaner, and that you have enough characters left to say what truly matters.

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Bitly offers a free and an enterprise package.  


SocialFlow is a great tool to help you establish the optimal times for you to share and publish your content and it supports Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and Google+. The platform uses real-time data and rules that you set in order to predict the times at which you are likely to get the most reach and engagement, therefore increasing your online visibility.

SocialFlow also offers an advertising tool that can help you better target your social media ads and promoted posts by suggesting keywords, ad spend, and target audience.


AgoraPulse focuses on the social part of social media by helping you manage conversations in which you are mentioned and by filtering direct messages sent to your inboxes. It supports Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, Google+, and Instagram. AgoraPulse contributes to enhanced engagement by providing automated moderation and by clearly marking the comments or messages that do need a response.

AgoraPulse also lets you monitor your different profiles’ performance and it gives you access to in-depth and high quality PowerPoint reports. AgoraPulse offers small, medium, large, and enterprise monthly pricing plans.

These are only 5 of the various social media management tools out there to help you power and drive your online marketing efforts. Whether you decide to use one or combine a few of them to increase your flexible workspace’s social media presence, you’ll find that not only will you save time, but also be able to better tell where and to whom your efforts should be directed.