In the Loop: Coworking in Asia, Workplace Restrooms, and Creative Offices

Coworking in Asia

Coworking in Asia keeps on growing and it’s starting to attract international coworking companies as well as the international startup market. Guo Yifan, CEO of SimplyWork, explains how the coworking market in China differs from the one in America and how local operators will seek to distinguish themselves from international competition.

Give a Thought to Your Restroom

Or actually, make it 3 thoughts. “Occupants are not only using restrooms for physical needs, but as Kimberly-Clark points out, as a place to briefly relax, refresh, and gather their thoughts.” In other words, your restroom reflects your brand. What is your saying about you? Three things to consider.  

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What Makes a Creative Office

Uuumm….still on debate. Or at least it appears so, according to a recent survey by The Creative Group. The survey found that managers and employees don’t see eye to eye on the matter, with “over a third of managers favour[ing] open plan environments compared to just a quarter of employees.” Get the full scoop here.


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