VVV Suites Joins the Alliance Network

A flexible workspace operator in Kuala Lumpur joins the Alliance Network with hopes of increased user awareness and lead generation.

Located in the Menara Shell building in Central Kuala Lumpur, VVV Suites offers Grade A office suites, meeting rooms, lounge, and breakout areas. VVV Suites prides itself  in having the comfort of its clients as a top priority, which is why they offer central air conditioning as well as individual air conditioning in each office suite in order to make sure the users of the workspace are comfortable and able to focus on their tasks at hand.

Speaking about joining the Alliance Network, Chief Operating Officer Shaik Annuar, mentioned the Network’s global presence, as well as the benefits of the Alliance Pass, which allows members to use other ABCN locations in the world, free of cost, when traveling.

Additionally, VVV Suites expects that joining Alliance will greatly benefit their growth and expansion plans. Given the Network’s global presence and thought-leadership status, VVV suites will have access to ABCN’s data and knowledge, which will prove beneficial when they begin the process of joining new markets and running a multi-center operation.

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Asides from a convenient location that is walking distance from the Kuala Lumpur transportation hub and has direct access to the Express to the International Airport, VVV Suites offers the latest technologies available to them, including high-speed internet, door access system, and call management to all of its members.

As for the future, by the end of the first quarter of 2017, VVV Suites expects to have opened a new center in Johor or Singapore, and they are on a five year plan that seeks to find landlord collaboration and partnership for rapid growth and multi-center operations.