Want to Boost Productivity? Look to Your Working Environment

Monday, 4 April 2016: It’s now widely accepted that investing in employee wellness is key to boosting workplace productivity and research suggests we work more effectively, creatively, and collaboratively when we’re happy at work. So, it’s logical to make your workplace the best environment possible to help with the happiness factor – helping to push productivity and boost your business! With that in mind, Dave Sunter, Business Development Manager at Stonebridge Offices, offers his advice on what to consider when looking at your workspace.

Changing environments

Consider where your employees can and would like to work. There is a trend now for clusters of desks in offices where staff can talk and collaborate, whilst still offering extra space to enhance creativity, such as break rooms or lounge areas for a more relaxed feel. Seating employees working on similar projects together, rather than by department, can help productivity as they’re all focusing on a similar goal. Separate kitchen facilities make it easy for staff to take a break from their desk too, giving them time to gather their thoughts while they make a brew – you never know, they might have a light bulb moment while they’re stirring their tea!


Try to make the office and work area as clutter free as possible. Mountains of paperwork can make staff feel overwhelmed, so there should be an easily accessible place to store this and with today’s advancing cloud and computer technologies, most documents can be stored digitally instead. Do allow employees to add a personal touch to their workspace – photographs or trinkets can do a lot to make an environment feel more comfortable.


A simple way to brighten up office space is an effective use of colour, whether that be on the walls or with furniture or accessories, colour can make an office environment instantly more pleasing on the eye and more comfortable to be in. Painting the walls of your office can make smaller spaces seem larger, make a darkly lit area lighter, a cool room feel warmer and a warm area seem cooler. Light colours give a psychological lift and earth tones speak of sophistication and stability, so you can allow your office to speak for your business. At Stonebridge, clients are welcome to decorate their office space however they please – it is their office after all!


Studies have shown that introducing greenery to workplaces led to a 15% rise in output – that’s a huge return for very little investment! Adding a few plants to the office will boost air quality and can help improve health, whilst also reducing stress and increasing productivity, as well as adding to the overall look and feel of your office.


Temperature is a factor that comes up time and time again when talking about a comfortable (and therefore more productive) workforce. Workspaces that are too warm or too cold will distract people and be unpleasant to work in, so ensuring your office is kept at a comfortable temperature will improve employee wellbeing and happiness. However, erring on the side of caution, it’s been proven a warmer office is best for efficiency, so be careful where you set the thermostat!

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