Croissant Logs Over 2M Minutes of Coworking; Launches in San Francisco

Passport coworking membership expands after a year of operating in New York City

San Francisco, CA – Croissant (, the passport membership to inspiring workspaces, announced today that it is launching in San Francisco and Bay Area. Croissant helps creators find a convenient place to work whenever and wherever they need it. Croissant is responding to growing member demand for locations in large US cities, with the #1 requested city being San Francisco, where many of their tech and startup members travel regularly.

Croissant was born from a frustration the four founders, David Idell, Zoltan Szalas, Adam Chew, and Nisha Garigarn, felt while working on a completely different startup idea. They would arrange to meet in coffee shops to collaborate, but would often show up to places with no seats available, scarse plugs, and spotty wifi. “We wanted to get out of the house and work from different places for inspiration. Coffee shops were a hassle but we didn’t think it was worth it to pay hundreds of dollars for a coworking desk that we weren’t going to use every day. We still had full time jobs, so just wanted some places to work on nights and weekends,” says CEO David Idell.

At a hackathon, the founders created an MVP to reserve seats at coffee shops by the hour to address these pain points, but quickly pivoted to coworking spaces since they already had the infrastructure in place, such as a like-minded community and amenities. Since inception, over 1000 freelancers, entrepreneurs, and remote workers have relied on Croissant to cowork by the minute in New York City. “Coworking is a growing trend as folks choose to say no to the cubicle and instead choose to make work into an experience. We’ve had members tell us that Croissant has completely changed the way they do work.”

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What makes Croissant so addictive? “There is ample evidence to support the idea that changes in workplace, whether a change of location or just simply getting up and taking a walk, is important to foster an environment of innovation and productivity.”, says CEO David Idell. Croissant members can choose from a huge variety of workspaces available on the app – whether they want to work from a sunny rooftop in Brooklyn, or a zen space in downtown San Francisco. And if they don’t like one space’s vibe, there’s no worry – over fifty other locations await, all with their own unique vibe and commmunity. Some locations even have 24/7 access. Croissant gives people the variety they need to make every day inspiring.

In the future, Croissant wants to not only provide access to workspace, but also provide recommendations on how people can optimize their creativity and productiity. They plan on creating a customized coworking experience for each member, where plans are tailored to their current behavior and moods. This will be accomplished using artificial intelligence. They have already started implementing a beta version for select small teams. These teams are getting customized offers so they only pay for what they need, and they don’t get bogged down in large commercial real estate bills.

Croissant is also a member of 500 Startup’s current batch.

About Croissant:

Croissant is the membership that makes creating from anywhere possible. They’ve partnered with over 50 workspaces in NYC, SF, Boston, and DC, and bundled them into one passport membership that is the fraction of a cost of a traditional coworking space. Members love the flexibility and versatility of Croissant because they can go to any of the spaces at any time, giving the chance to explore their city while remaining productive. The company is also a member of the startup accelerator 500 Startups.

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