In the Loop: WeWork Raises $690M, Coworking Space in NYC Closes Last Location, and Instagram Tips

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WeWork Caps Off $690 Million in Latest Funding Round

The coworking brand captured the attention of one of China’s largest hotel companies, Shanghai Jin Jiang International Hotel. According to this WJS article, the hotel company put a total of $260 million on WeWork, capping off the funding round to $690 million. Despite new investment funding coming in, WeWork is still missing the mark on its original 2016 projections.

One of NYC’s First Coworking Spaces Closes All Locations

Sunshine Suites, a flexible workspace operator that had been around for almost 15 years closed the last of its once successful 12 locations. According to this article, the coworking space began by reducing its footprint one floor at a time, and also claims that the company was forced to shut down after being unable to compete against WeWork and other coworking spaces in the area.

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