5 Reasons Why Workers Thrive In Coworking Spaces


Chloe Golding is a contributing writer for Allwork.Space. Chloe has previously worked in the serviced office industry and has experience in sales and marketing.

There are plenty of articles out there saying why people should use coworking spaces, but have you, as a coworking provider, taken the time to look at these reasons and understand how you could use them to your advantage?  

According to Harvard Business Review, there is something special about coworking spaces. Research shows that there are numerous benefits to using coworking spaces, including an increase in productivity, a boost in worker morale and the maximisation of overall energy.

As a coworking manager, it’s important you know the advantages and the reasons why people choose to work from coworking spaces. It’ll help you better understand your members and what they expect to gain by using your space.

  1. The abundance of knowledge

Being surrounded by a diverse number of entrepreneurs offers an abundance of knowledge within any coworking space. Utilising this pool of knowledge is beneficial to you and to your workspace members. The sharing of knowledge can lead to new projects, to innovating your workspace, and to creating more channels through which people can ask for help and get it without having to go too far.

  1. A breath of inspiration

There’s nothing quite like being inspired by a group of like-minded people. Take the time to evaluate what the key to success is for other people in your community, ask them about it, and encourage them to share with other workspace members and users.

  1. Utilisation of the community

In order for your coworking space to be successful, you need to know what your members want and need. You can only find this out by truly getting to know your members and your community. Take the time to chat with everyone, get to know their interests, their hobbies, and their lines of work. Not only will you create a personal bond with them, but it’ll help you strengthen your workspace community, as you’ll know which members are likely to work best together and get along the most.

  1. The opportunity to learn how to do something new

Coworking spaces allow people to broaden their horizons and step out of their comfort zones. Whether it’s by participating in a workshop or even your workspace organized or whether it’s something one member teaches to another, fact remains that the opportunities to learn are abundant in coworking spaces.

  1. The chance to discover new opportunities

These could be new work opportunities, community involvement opportunities, or networking opportunities. If a member is looking to hire a graphic designer or a writer, chances are they can find one in a desk near-by. Make sure you make it easy for all members to get to know one another and to communicate easily with one another.

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Knowing the top reasons why people decide to join a coworking space means you are better equipped to deliver  the right services and products to your members.

Are you organizing the right kinds of workshops? Are you making it easy for members to get to know one another? Do you have a space where people can find out which line of work other members are in?

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