[In Pictures] Urban Station Set to Multiply Coworking Portfolio with First Expansion Outside of LATAM


Latin American coworking operator grows outside of LATAM region for the first time by opening  its inaugural coworking space in Cairo, Egypt, with many more on the cards in 2017.

Founded six years ago by Juan Pablo Russo, Marcelo Cora, Claudio Bisurgi, and Florencia Faivich, Urban Station is one of the leading coworking providers in Latin America.

The past five years, Urban Station has focused on growing its footprint in the Latin America region. Following the success of their first location in Buenos Aires, Argentina, Urban Station now has 13 coworking locations in 4 LATAM countries: Argentina, Chile, Colombia, and Mexico.

Having formed a successful network in Latin America, Urban Station is now expanding beyond its home region for the first time.

Just a few days ago, the coworking brand traversed Latin American borders by opening a new coworking location in Cairo, Egypt. The newly opened workspace has over 350 sq meters and boasts a shared workspace area, meeting rooms, event space, and private offices.

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Knowing well the importance of embracing the local culture, Urban Station has adapted its space and its offerings to better suit the Egyptian market. The Cairo coworking space has a room that is fully dedicated to daily prayers, and they have also adjusted their coffee break offerings, as well as their service hours–which are 8am to midnight, Monday through Sunday for this location.

Opening an Urban Station location in Cairo is only the first step towards fully entering the Middle Eastern market. Florencia Faivich tells us that in the near future Urban Station is set on opening coworking spaces in Dubai, Kuwait, and India.

Parallel to their expansion in the Middle East, Urban Station will continue to grow its network in the Americas. Faivich tells us that more locations are due to open in Chile and that they expect to open their first US location next year (2017).

In the meantime, you can look inside Urban Station Cairo through the slideshow below.

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