In The Loop: Coworking Europe Recap, Coworking in Rio, and WeLive’s Rough Patch

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New Coworking Space Opens in Rio

Great example of how the flexible workspace industry contributes to community development!

Casas Brotas is a new coworking space and incubator in Complexo de Alemão, one of Rio de Janeiro’s largest favela communities. Co-founder Marcel Magano told Rio Times that he believes that establishing a formal space will encourage more interactions between Rio’s businesses and the city’s favelas. Read more about Casas Brotas here.

WeWork’s WeLive In a Rough Patch

According to Quartz, WeLive has stopped offering discounts for its co-living options and has upped its prices for premium locations in Manhattan. The online news source reported that WeLive studio options are now priced above market, and they are skeptical about WeLive’s potential to sell, stating that “it’s not clear that people crave the ‘experience’ WeLive is selling.

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Coworking Europe Recap

For those of you who weren’t able to attend Coworking Europe this past November, here is an in-depth recap of the event and the insights that were shared. We need to thank Cobot for this.

p.s. Happy Holidays 💝

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