3 Ways To Make Facebook Your Top Sales Guy


This article is part of our workspace best practices series.

One of the most asked questions brand owners reach out to our agency TREEHOUSE 51 about is, “How can we make Facebook work for us?”

Everyone knows they’re supposed to be on Facebook. Everyone knows there are opportunities here. It’s the Holy Grail of sales. The amount of data the site has on the world is unmatched and unequivocally undisputed by the people of Earth. Yeah, it’s a BIG deal. So why the heck can’t you convert?

Why is NO ONE liking your meme?!

I mean come on, a cat holding a cigar, how is that not “likable”? Alas, today we shall go over Best Practices for good ol’ Facebook. I’m going to share 3 ways your brand can make Facebook Your Top Sales Guy.

3 Ways To Make Facebook Your Top Sales Guy

1. Post Consistently & BOOST IT

You know those articles that talk about Facebook doing all this “shady stuff” in the background. I’m sure you’ve heard rumors about that. Typically, you’ll see on your Facebook wall a friend repost a blurb about not giving Facebook permission to track their data. Is it true? Does Facebook track what you do? YES. You along with over a billion other people give permission to Facebook to track you.

But so what?  Why am I sharing this with you?

Well, it’s not to scare you. It’s to put Facebook Marketing in perspective. Facebook is a business. Back in the day brands like yourself could post whatever they want on their pages and people would see it. Until Facebook had a thought… “How can we make money out of this?” Yes, that pie in the sky that all of us strive to consume.

Well, Facebook created an algorithm that basically says if you’re not posting consistently your fan base will NOT see the content every time you post.

To up the stakes, if you want your followers to see your content you need to put a couple bucks behind it. Remember Facebook is a business. Brands that are shy with their dollars don’t get the time of day on this platform. Consistent Content + Facebook Budget = New Leads.

2. Import Your Email List

Ohhhh yeah, this tip is EVERYTHING.

I love asking people this next series of questions…Raise your hand if you have a Myspace account… okay, what about a Tumblr…hmmmm interesting how about an Email Address? Ahhh there it is. Yes, everyone in the world has an email address. It is the most highly valued marketing platform in the world that is completely underused by almost every brand.

Except you…your about to amp up your marketing in 3…2…1…

Here’s what you need to do:

A) Create a list of email address and / or phone numbers using the data you have on your customers.
B) Save this list as a CSV or TXT Format.
C) Jump on Facebook, find the Audiences Tab in Ads Manager.
D) Click “Create Audience”
E) Select the “Custom Audience” Option and then pick Customer List

Once you do this Facebook will create a customer list that is a “lookalike audience” similar to your customers. Meaning, when you create a Facebook ad and do some targeting you just select that lookalike audience and in theory, they will be very closely related to your current customers and thus more likely to convert. This is a little marketing trick TREEHOUSE 51 loves to use for brands.

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It works. Use it. Abuse it.

3. Always Aim To Fall In “Like” Before Falling In Love…

Facebook is a social platform based on the concept of people connecting with people. There is NO sales in that mission. It’s conversational. Brands that push for sales on day one lose relationships ON DAY ONE. Think about it, do you really want to login to a SOCIAL PLATFORM to see a bunch of ads? No. You want to know the brand. You want the brand to seem like a friend.

You need to be coy with how you sell stuff on Facebook. Build up to it. Map out a campaign and space out the offers. A general rule of thumb is the 8 / 10 rule. Which means you post 8 times for the fans and 2 times for your business.

An added perk to the Likes — it means engagement. The more engagement you have, the better your SEO does. Get the LIKE first.

Final Thoughts

True marketing doesn’t rely on one marketing platform but several going on at the same time. If you are serious about amping your marketing you need to pick a few levels of attack your brand is going to stick with and push hard.

-Treehouse 51

PS. Check out our Guide: The Ultimate Guide To Facebook Lead Ads — if you want more help reach out to us. Digital Marketing is our thing.

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