Inside The Executive Centre’s Barangaroo Workspace In Three International Towers

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The Executive Centre, one of the largest serviced workspace providers in Asia Pacific, recently opened a new location in Barangaroo, Sydney, in none other than Three International Towers–one of the most sought-after 6-star office buildings in the CBD.

Situated just 15 minutes from Sydney’s International and Domestic Airport and only a short 5-minute walk from main transportation hub, Wynard Station, Three International Towers has a competitive advantage when it comes to location.

The centre has an impressive 276 workstations, spread over 2,000 square metres of floor space; catering from private one person workspace up to 24-person luxury conference rooms with ocean views.

The Barangaroo centre oozes a modern and stylish décor, whilst still focusing on a corporate and professional feel, with space being a focal point in every room.

“Space and light was our main focus with Three International Towers” – Josh Alfafara, Head of Business Development.

Inside The Executive Centre’s Barangaroo Workspace

Entering the centre, you find yourself in the heart of the bustling community, where you are greeted by the centres receptionist team.

As you make your way past the main desk and through the centre, you find yourself in front of the two designated common areas; or rather, ‘break out’ areas as Alfafara prefers to call them.

“With Three International Towers we decided to go with a ‘community-based’ approach, where clients can take a break from their desk, drink coffee made by a trained barista, check emails, and network with others in a more relaxed setting.”

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The first common area is the Library. It’s a quiet area, free of distractions, with one-one-one seating, where clients that wish to sit and answer emails outside of an office can easily do so.

The second common area is the break-out area, a large, spacious room which features a wall that is entirely glass windows. The break out area has different types of seating, from lounge chairs to bar stools, and a café.

The break out area is also intended to be home to a variety of events, as well as an area where clients can showcase their business and socialise with other TEC members.

“The ‘break out’ concept allows for clients to network and form solid connections and possibilities with clients that practice in different lines of work,” says Alfafara.

In addition to break-out areas, the centre also provides a coworking area with 30+ desks in 2 different style options. Three International Towers is The Executive Centre’s largest Australian coworking space, which came about following the success of their Singapore and Seoul centres. The centre provides clients with the option to sit in booth-style seating areas or alternatively in open shared desks, providing hot-desking and dedicated workspaces to members through flexible plans.

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