The Secret Past of One of Austin’s Coolest Coworking Spots

Article written by Gemma Church

When you step in the atx FACTORY, you’re instantly struck by the light and space of this 12,000-square-foot coworking spot. It’s a vast nirvana for East Austin’s coworking community with massage chairs, conference rooms, privacy booths, a space for meditation and yoga, a bonfire pit, food trucks every Thursday and free beer on tap.

But there is a secret past behind the atx FACTORY. Just a couple of years ago, the space was a derelict warehouse. 

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It’s been an incredible makeover…and it only took short over 12 months to transform the warehouse and turn it into a beautifully designed coworking space:

I caught up with Vijay Mehra, founder of the atx FACTORY, on how and why he approached this project, the challenges he faced and how he has grown such a vibrant and diverse community.

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