Everything You Need to Know About The Coworky Awards

Coworky Awards

Though the term ‘coworky’ might make you think about coworking spaces in particular, the Coworky Awards pay tribute to the workspace-as-a-service industry overall; business centers, accelerators, incubators, coworking spaces, maker spaces, meeting rooms, the lot.

Honoring the spaces, places, and people that make this industry juicy

2017 will see the first edition of the Coworky Awards take place in New York City during the Global Coworking Unconference Conference (GCUC).

First, let’s step back a little. We know you’re probably wondering what the Coworky Awards are anyway.

Basically, they seek to recognize those that have made the flexible workspace industry as awesome as it is today — through unique workplace design, through innovative website design, through social impact programs, through developing tech for the industry, through creative and catchy taglines, through making workers everywhere happier and more productive.

Ultimately, it recognizes those people, spaces and solutions that truly add value to the greater workspace-as-a-service movement.

And yes, I did just list some of the award categories in which workspaces can be nominated. So let’s give the 9 different categories a closer look:

Best space design — what makes your workspace design so unique, so innovative, so creative, and aesthetically pleasing that it keeps members coming back day after day.

Best social impact program because we are an industry that’s all about adding value. How has your workspace contributed to your local community’s wellness and progress, what actions have you taken, why?  **Your program must be part of the workspace industry or have an impact on the industry to qualify.

Volunteer to the greater movement this is for people who have given their time and knowledge to help the workspace-as-a-service movement grow and advance, because they truly believe the movement is helping create a better ‘work’ world for everyone and anyone.

Best website design — because browsing a website is the equivalent of window-shopping before actually making a purchase. Why is your website the best of the best? Amazing UX design or responsiveness? Don’t be shy to brag.

Best technology to run your space — did you create technology for flexible workspaces to better manage their space, their time, their resources? Do workspace providers love you and rave about how your technology has made their lives so much more easier?

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Best tagline — taglines are the cherry on top of a sundae of brand logos and names. Show us what you’ve got.

Rainbow unicorn award — we will be recognizing the person that can show us the best drawing of a unicorn and a rainbow. Ok… not really. This award is for a person, space, or organization that you believe deserves some recognition (for whatever reason you may have), and if you’re creative enough you might win them a pretty neat award. You have faith in them, we have faith in your creativity to nominate.

Member’s choice award — Your workspace members can nominate you simply by telling us what makes your workspace so great and amazing for them. Show us the love!

Best collective or alliance — for those of you who run various workspaces, tell us what your group of spaces has been up to and why you should win.

What does it take to win?

Well, for starters you have to be a good story teller. Take the time to tell your story, the impact you’ve had, what’s inspired you, why your members love you. And no, “go visit this site” is most definitely NOT the answer we’re looking for.

Once you’ve got that down, it’s up to the public. Nominations will be up for public voting and the night before the big event, a judging panel made up of hand-picked industry leaders will meet in NYC to pick the winners.

Have we mentioned that Co+Hoots Foundation is making a unique award for each of the winners? Also, did we forget to mention that there will be monetary reward for the social impact program?

Well now you know why the awards will truly be awesome. That and also the fact that there will be a powder blue tuxedo presenter, it’ll be a night you’ll remember. That’s a fact.

When? Where?

The winners will be announced at the Steelcase Showroom during the happy hour of the first day of GCUC (May 5th).

And although you don’t have to be physically present to win, it would be really nice if you were there. (Plus, there’s no guarantee of international award shipping…)

Want to nominate someone? Want to vote? Have questions? Check out the Coworky Awards website here. And be sure to get your GCUC tickets as well.