In The Loop: Regus and “the whole Brexit thing”, The Executive Centre to Double, and Coworking with Kids

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Regus UK: Demand is Soaring Despite “the whole Brexit thing”

Flexible workspace operators often cite opportunity during times of uncertainty, and Regus is no exception. Speaking to BQ on Monday, Regus UK boss Richard Morris says demand continues to soar despite the UK’s decision to split from the European Union.

“In some respect, the whole Brexit thing and the uncertainty has helped boost demand for our products and services,” he said. “Businesses more than ever want to remain agile … More so now as the economic climate looks so uncertain.”

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The Executive Centre Plans to Double China Serviced Office Portolio by 2020

The Executive Centre is planning to double its portfolio in China within the next four years, says CEO Paul Salnikow. As such, by 2020, TEC could be sitting on more than 100 serviced offices in China alone, up from their current portfolio of 53.

Speaking to Shanghai Daily, he said that China “is our largest and most important market, where we are opening five new centers this year in Shanghai alone,” adding: “2017 will be our largest year for growth in China as we are adding centers in each of our existing markets.”

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Good News for Working Parents as More Child-friendly Coworking Spaces are Opening

We don’t know about you, but we’ve noticed a lot of press circulating lately about child-friendly coworking spaces. Naturally, this spells great news for working parents and demand for such spaces hints that coworking is continuing to grow, strengthen and diversify. One such space is Women’s Business Network, a nonprofit that recently opened its doors to working moms (and their kids) in Seattle, WA, to help women return to the workforce or launch a business.

Does your serviced office or coworking space cater to working parents? How do you balance childcare requirements with the need for grown-up collaboration and productivity? Get in touch as part of an upcoming feature on Allwork.

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