In The Loop: Regus in the Philippines, Niche Coworking, and a Coworking Scandal


Coworking for Performing Artists

Because, why not? We’ve been eyeing the rise of niche coworking spaces for some time now…culinary, music, freelancers. And now we can add performing arts to the list. DNAinfo reported this week that The Artist Co-Op will open its first location in New York City this coming May. The article states that the venue will feature two rehearsal rooms, a lounge, and a coworking area, as well as other amenities for artists. Get the full details here.

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Regus in Damosa Performing Better Than Expected

According to SunStar, the Regus Center in the Damosa IT Park has reached over 90% occupancy a mere 6 months after opening, “exceeding their original target of 80 to 90 percent occupancy by the second year of operations.” More details and comments from Regus executives here.

Coworking Scandal—Sort Of

BizJournals reported this week that “the founder of a Phoenix coworking space and one of its companies has been indicted by a state grand jury for allegedly stealing between $300,000 and $500,000 from 40 families in Arizona.” Get the full scoop here.